It was Eviction Eve in the Big Brother 21 house and this week’s target isn’t going down without a fight! Find out who’s game he managed to blow up and if the others are thinking about keeping him around right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap! Also, make sure you catch up with all of this week’s Big Brother spoilers before going into this week’s live eviction show!

Yesterday started off as a pretty slow day on the Big Brother live feeds, it wasn’t until yesterday afternoon when Sam decided to throw a Hail Mary. We will get to that in a minute.

First, we started yesterday’s feeds off with a conversation between Jessica and Nicole. They are talking about how none of the Six Shooters have come into the HN room in the days that they have been in there. They talk about how they all hung out in there the week before when Christie and Tommy were both HNs though. Nicole adds that while Christie and Tommy were doing the Poison Ivy punishment and couldn’t go outside, everyone hung out inside with them but she is will to bet that if it was her, she would have been left in the house alone. Talks then turn to Analyse. They wonder what kind of lifestyle the best friend of Sylvester Stallone’s daughter lives back home. Jessica then mentioned how she used to see Analyse as a role model for her little cousin and now America has seen her hook up with someone in the HOH shower.

Sam started his campaigning with Nicole. He says that he thinks it’s pretty safe to say that Nicole isn’t going to make waves by voting against the house. He then asks her who she would talk to in order to find out who the majority is sending home. He adds that if the house flips, how is she going to find out so she can vote accordingly? She said that she would assume that someone would tell her that, Sam tells her that there are five of them voting and they don’t really need anyone else’s vote.

Meanwhile, Kat is upstairs telling Holly and Jackson how Sam has been asking her if she has a campaign ready and reminds her that her campaign can make or break her game. She also tells them how he keeps reminding her that Holly must have had a reason in renom’ing her. He is clearly trying to make her spiral but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Sam campaigns to Cliff next and basically says the same thing to him that he said to Nicole. Cliff tells him that as of right now it looks like Sam is going home, but if that should change and he is told to keep Sam he will at the drop of a hat. Sam makes sure to tell Cliff to vote with the house no matter what, he doesn’t want Cliff to throw him a pity vote and jeopardize his game.

Sam campaigns to Jessica and uses this opportunity to clear the air between them. The other night when Christie called him out in front of Jessica she mentioned how Sam wanted Jessica to go up. Sam tells her that he mentioned Jessica’s name week one and hasn’t since (which is a lie, he mentioned her to Holly also). He adds that no one said anything about this until Sam was on the block and made the target, now all of a sudden everyone is airing his dirty laundry. He tells her that if she decided to keep him in the house, he wouldn’t go after her, he would want to work with her.

Christie and Tommy have an interesting conversation. I’ve heard Christie throw Jack and Jackson’s names under the bus, but I haven’t heard Tommy do it until yesterday. He tells Christie that Nick told him the only two people he trusts inside the six are Christie and Tommy. Christie doesn’t think that Nick would go after them if he won HOH. Tommy says he would try to get Nick to go after Jack and Jackson. Christie mentions that Jackson is going to want Christie gone once her power is gone.

This is where things get interesting. Sam asks Jackson if he could talk to him for a bit and they head to the Boat Room. This conversation went on for over an hour. Sam tells Jackson that he doesn’t really have much to say or offer him because Jackson is in such a great spot in the house. He tells him that there are close ties in the six that are starting to come loose and Sam might be worth keeping around in order to get rid of them. Jackson tells Sam that this isn’t an easy eviction for him and that he hasn’t done anything directly to him. Their conversation pauses for a little while as they have their flashmob rehearsal.

After, the conversation continues with Sam telling Jackson that Jack and Jackson’s name has come up in conversations about targets several times with him. He tells Jackson all about Cliff’s HOH where Christie told Cliff that she wouldn’t use her power and she would vote out Jack as long as she didn’t go up on the block. He adds that Christie told him that she would make it look like Jack and Jackson were pressuring her and bullying her into using the power and that she would shut down by not using it. He said that when Jackson went on to win the POV, the script changed and all of a sudden Christie was pinning Sam and Nick as bullies when that wasn’t the case.

Talks then turn to the night when Christie called Sam out in front of Jessica, Jack, and Cliff and threw all this stuff out there to make him look like he was the bad guy. He tells Jackson that the only reason he didn’t call Christie out that night was that she would have started to cry and no one would have believed him and he would have blown up his own game. He tells Jackson that he had no intentions of telling anyone any of this but he feels like this is the only chance he has at staying in the house. Talks turn to how Christie has been unnecessarily lying to Sam about how the vote is going to go also. Jackson tells him that this is Sam’s best chance of staying and asks Sam if he can go to Jack with all this. Sam wonders if Jack can be trusted with it because he is so close to Christie. Jackson tells him that he can be because it will come from Jackson first.

Jackson then goes to talk to Holly. He tells her that every question he had about why Christie was pushing Sam so hard has been answered. They go up to the HOH room and Jackson fills her in. She is frustrated that she let Christie talk her into putting Kat up instead of Nicole. She says that Kat can’t go home on her HOH. She tells Jackson that if she wishes she knew all this before the POV Ceremony. Jackson agrees that Kat can’t go home, but they need to get as much information out of Sam as they can before he goes.

Kat got wind of something fishy going on in the house and starts to get a little paranoid about a flip vote. It doesn’t help that Nicole told her that Sam was trying to flip it.

Jackson talks to Jack about everything Sam said to him. Jack tells Analyse after that he isn’t sure that he believes what Sam is saying. He says that it’s suspicious that Sam doesn’t want it put out there. Adds that if it could save him, why not share it with the house and call her out.

Meanwhile, in the HOH, Holly is being brought up to speed by Sam. Jackson walks in and joins the conversation and tells Sam that at the very least, he has made a huge impact on how they move forward in this game. Holly also mentions that can’t know any of this, unfortunately, Jack is already downstairs telling him everything. Jack tells Tommy everything that Sam told Jackson. Jack tells Tommy that he doesn’t believe it and that there is no interest in splitting up the six over this.

Sam then campaigns to Tommy and they talk about what Jack just told Tommy. Sam reiterates everything to him. Tommy tells Jackson that they should tell Christie what’s being said. Jackson doesn’t want to do that because he is afraid that if it gets out there, the vote might flip and Kat might go. Tommy is worried that if they don’t tell Christie, she will catch them lying to her. Jackson wonders how they can get caught lying about her getting caught lying.

Jack and Tommy talked about not believing anything Sam is saying. They think that Christie has their back in this game. Jackson tells Holly that he is onto Tommy trying to save Christie in every situation. Jackson and Tommy start to conspire against Jackson. Analyse mentions that they need Nick to win HOH to take out Cliff. Tommy brings up the idea to flip the vote and keep Sam essentially getting rid of Kat, who is a number for Jackson.

Sam definitely stirred things up inside the house, but Jack doesn’t believe a word of it. He and Tommy insist that Christie has their back in this game. However, will it be enough for him to stay? Holly and Jackson assured Sam that even if he goes during this week’s eviction that he has saved Nick’s game and that they will be working with Nick to start getting out the real threats. How true do you think this is? Do you think that the Six Shooters have finally split off?

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