It was Nomination Day in the Big Brother 21 house and the Six were really nervous about what the new HOH was planning to do. One on ones were held and then the Nomination CeremonyNomination Ceremony took place in the Big Brother house. Get all you Big Brother spoilers from Friday right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

Prior to Jessica’s one on ones with the Six, she talks to Cliff. She does tell Cliff that she really hopes that she can get Jack out this week and that everyone in the house will respect her nominations. Cliff tells her that they might want to consider bringing Holly and Nick in on their little group temporarily because he thinks they would both vote to keep Jackson over Jack. Them plus him, Nicole, and Kat would be the five votes they would need to get Jack out.

Holly spent some time yesterday trying to get Jack and Christie to talk to Jackson. Christie did and told Holly that even though she is done playing this game with Jackson since she started reading The Bible, she finds that she has more compassion for people. She says that he is still human and she doesn’t like seeing him this upset.

We started the day with Jessica’s one on ones with each of the Six. They were pretty straight forward and very similar. Each of them filled Jessica in on their version of what caused the big blow-up right before the live eviction show and why they were planning the flip vote.

After each of them filled her in she told them all that she was basing her nominations on the fact that she has been put on the block twice and banished. She doesn’t tell any of them exactly who she is nominating but heavily implies that it’s going to be Jack and Jackson. She also says that she isn’t going to backdoor or blindside anyone, she wants them to have a fighting chance.

She tells them all that she hopes that they can respect her HOH unlike the HOH’s prior and hopes that if any of them win the POV, they would keep her noms the same. She had a separate conversation with Christie about her power and Christie promised she wouldn’t use her power unless it was to save herself and that if one of her noms asked her to use it for them, she would tell them no. She tells Jessica that she would rather not have to use her power anyway.

Nick and Nicole talk about how if they can get Jack out this week and then Christie out next week, their side of the house will have the majority. They speculate about what everyone would do if they won HOH and Nicole says that she is worried that Analyse would put her on the block if she won. They spent a lot of time comparing notes on the things that they saw and heard in the last 24 hours and try to piece the whole thing together.

The Nomination Ceremony took place and we saw that Jack and Jackson were put on the block together. After the Nomination Ceremony, Christie tells everyone that Jack is not going home this week and that Jackson is the most disrespectful person and will not be winning the POV. She tells them that he is 100% going home this week. Meanwhile, Kat and Jessica agree that they do not want Jackson going home over Jack and Kat adds that she knows Jack is mad about the nominations because he was slamming stuff.

Christie tells Tommy that she thinks that Holly wouldn’t use the Veto on Jackson. She adds that she doesn’t want to use her power and doesn’t plan on it, but if she should win the POV, she is going to use it because she doesn’t trust anyone else making the renom decision. Jessica, Kat, and Holly talk about how Jessica believes Christie won’t use her power, but Kat thinks that Jack will convince her to use it. Jessica says that using it would automatically make her a target. Jessica says that if this is the only HOH she wins, she is not playing it safe and risk a pawn going home.

Christie tells Jack not to worry because they have five votes regardless of what Holly does, she thinks they have Kat, but they don’t. Later, Nick goes to talk to Jackson who has been in the HN room all day. He tells Nick that he isn’t hiding or pouting, he just doesn’t have any interest in being fake and sucking up to Christie. Nick tells Jackson that it isn’t over yet and Jackson tells him he knows and he isn’t fighting.

Jessica and Christie have a talk later, Jessica tells Christie that she doesn’t want to make a renom choice and Christie tells her that no one is going to use the POV because one of them will have to go up as a renom. Christie tells Jessica that she doesn’t like Jackson as a person and he is a dirty player. She tells her that she has no sympathy for him or what he is going through on the outside of the house.

Jack is telling Analyse and Nick that if he wins the POV and Christie gives him her power, he can use it to put Cliff up. Nick and Analyse tell Jack that Christie has already said that she doesn’t want to use her power. Jack says that’s because she is playing both sides and Nick says exactly.

Tommy and Holly talk and they know that if one of them wins the POV, one of their allies will end up on the block. Holly tells Tommy that she is mad at them for not trusting her and respecting her HOH (this was something Jessica mentioned to her in their one on one). Jessica and Cliff agree that they can’t let anyone know that Jackson isn’t her main target that way Jack will feel safe and no one will use the POV.

Christie tells Jack that Jessica feels like he knows what’s best for the house and that he should just play it cool for a couple of days. Jack isn’t happy that Jessica thinks that, but Christie reminds him that she might have to break a tie. Kat has promised Jessica that she will be voting Jack out because she wants payback for him trying to flip the vote on her last week. Kat tells Jessica that she thinks Jackson would target Christie and Tommy if he stayed and won HOH.

The POV is coming up later today and the best bet for Jessica is that someone who will keep noms the same wins. There are only a few options on that list, but it could happen. Jessica has the plan to keep Jack feeling safe so that Christie doesn’t use her power this week and mess up her HOH. However, I see Christie using it if she gets paranoid enough. We will have to see what happens! Stay tuned for POV spoilers throughout the day!

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