It was a surprising Power of Veto day in the Big Brother 21 house and the targets for week 6 were under a lot of pressure to win this one. Who came out on top and what is the plan for the rest of the week? Keep reading to get all of the Big Brother spoilers right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap for Saturday!

We started the day off with the POV Player drawing and when the feeds came back up we saw that Kat, Tommy, and Nick were picked to play alongside Jessica, Jack, and Jackson. After the POV Player drawing, Nicole and Jessica got really worried that Christie would use her power even though she said she wouldn’t. Moments later, Christie told Analyse that her plan was to go to Christie and tell her that she will use her power this week so that Jessica doesn’t have to pick the renom herself. Christie tells Jack that her only goal this week is to make sure that he is safe and that Jackson is the one that goes home.

The feeds cut for the POV Comp and when they come back up, we found out that Jessica had won the POV. This means that her nominations will stay in place and Analyse, Tommy, and Jack all of them think that it worked out really well for them because Kat will vote out Jackson.

Jackson explained to Kat why he thought that she and Holly were connected. Later, Christie is crying to Kat and tells her that she has to vote Jackson out because of her speech last week. She tells Kat that the vote this week could come down to her vote.

Tommy and Jack talk about targeting Cliff because he is clearly coming for them. Meanwhile, Jackson is talking to Cliff asking for his vote and support and tells him that Christie, Tommy, and Analyse are his targets. After this, Jackson overhears a conversation between Tommy, Jack, and Analyse about what Jackson did and the whole Kat and Holly thing.

Jessica is stressing out about Nick’s loyalty and what his voting plans might be. Jessica says that if it comes to a tie she will vote Jack out. Kat says that even though Jackson is a good target, next to Jack, Jack is the one that needs to go. Jackson then goes up to the HOH and tells Jessica everything he overheard including how Christie told the group not to stress Jessica out or else she might take Jackson down.

Nicole thinks that Nick is trying to get the vote to tie so that he doesn’t have to pick a side and Cliff agrees that Nick could be trying to get in good with the other side. Cliff warns Kat that the other side is going to be pushing her hard to try and flip her vote.

Throughout the night, Cliff played it up that he is not going to miss Jackson and mentions how Jackson banished him day one. He isn’t really going to vote Jackson out, it’s just part of the plan to make Jack feel safe. Not that it matters now with Jessica being the POV holder.

Tommy got a new costume punishment from yesterday’s POV comp. He is dressed as a rocket and has to use props for the speed of light, sound, or smell and has to yell in each room whichever option they give him.

Jackson and Holly complain about how Jack and Christie are making this game all about them and wonder how big the numbers advantage will be after this vote. Jessica is frustrated with Nick and calls him a coward because he is afraid to vote out Jack. Holly and Jessica discuss his inappropriate behaviors and comments about all the HGs.

It was an interesting day, that’s for sure. Jessica might be concerned over Nick’s vote, but regardless of how he votes, Jessica will still be able to send him out the door on Thursday. However, Jessica is getting a little paranoid and has started talking about possibly taking Jackson off the block and putting a pawn next to Jack. As long as she doesn’t do anything crazy at tomorrow’s POV Ceremony, everything should go as planned.

Make sure you come back later tonight for my live recap of tonight’s episode of Big Brother!

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