It was a quiet day in the Big Brother 21 house with all the HGs just trying to get through the next couple of days before the live show. The campaigning has started and one of the noms plans to offer deals and even blackmail in order to stay. Keep reading our Big Brother live feeds recap to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Tuesday’s live feeds.

There was a lot of lounging and talk about Jack’s campaign early in the day. Jack pulled Christie, Tommy, and Nick in to help him with his campaign speech. Jack’s plan is to pressure Kat into voting for him by telling her that he will tell Jessica and the rest of her alliance that she knew about the vote flip to get Cliff out before it happened. Tommy suggests that Jack goes to Jessica and let her know that he has information that he hasn’t told her because he wanted to play a clean game and it might affect the way she looks at people she is working with and leave it up to Jessica to decide if she wants to know. Jack still plans to offer Cliff safety from Jack, Tommy, and Analyse for the next 3-4 weeks in order to stay.

Holly talks to Jackson about how happy Christie should be that someone finally took a shot at Jack because she has wanted someone to do it for weeks. Jackson tells Holly and Kat that they need to win the DE HOH and put Analyse and Christie up together and get Christie out. Holly and Kat would both like to see Tommy go also, but know that Christie is more dangerous and needs to go first.

Nick tells Tommy that Jessica will be sick when she finds out that Kat knew about the flip vote that evicted Cliff. Tommy tells Nick that he plans to put the bug in Jessica’s ear that Kat might not be as close to her as she thinks. Nick also told Analyse later that if Jack goes this week he will be loyal to Analyse, Christie, and Tommy going forward. Jack, Analyse and Nick then start going back and forth about who he should go to first with his campaign, Kat or Jessica. Jack plans to put a bug in Jessica’s ear about having information that he doesn’t want to have to use and then go to Kat. However, after thinking about it, he thinks he should go to Kat first.

Throughout the day, there were talks of who people plan to target next week. Christie says she would put Holly and Jackson up and if one of them wins the POV, Kat would go up. Nick talked about putting Christie and Tommy up to Cliff and Cliff relayed that to the HOH crew. Jessica says that she is more worried about Tommy because he is playing both sides of the house.

Jackson doesn’t plan to campaign against Jack at all, he has been reiterating this to Holly and others for a few days now. Cliff doesn’t seem to be changing his mind about keeping Jackson and I don’t think that Kat is going to fold under the pressure. It looks like Jack will still be going out tomorrow night and Analyse and Christie will be disasters before the HOH. We will have to wait and see what happens tomorrow night! Don’t forget we have our POV Comp episode of Big Brother for week 6 tonight!

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