Yesterday was Veto Ceremony day in the Big Brother 21 house and we got confirmation about what the POV Winner was planning to do with it. The nominees worked on their campaigning throughout the day and a new majority group seemed to have formed. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Monday’s feeds here with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

The day started off with the POV Ceremony and as we suspected, Tommy used the POV to take Christie off the block. Because she was a special nominee, there was no replacement nominee named and Cliff and Kat were left to fight for their Big Brother lives. Cliff went to Nick first yesterday and talked to him a bit, the night before Nick had a conversation with Christie and Analyse about them and Tommy bringing Cliff and Nicole into their group. Nick brought this up in his conversation and told him if he went to Christie, Tommy, and Analyse and told them that he wanted in on this “safe until six” group, he would have Nick, Christie and Analyse’s votes. With those votes plus Nicole’s vote, Cliff would be safe this week.

The HGs spent a lot of time hanging out and lounging throughout the afternoon, but Nick got a chance to fill Analyse and Christie in on his chat with Cliff. After Nick left the room, Christie and Analyse seemed pretty excited about having Cliff and Nicole on their side and making a new Six. However, they are set on the fact that this isn’t an alliance (ummm, then what is it??).

Christie talks with Nicole and tells Nicole that she feels safer keeping Cliff over Kat in the house. Kat is working too closely with Holly and Jackson and she feels like they need to break up the trio (but a group of six is fine?). She also tells Nicole that Holly and Jackson have been working on Analyse to keep Kat in the house knowing that Analyse has wanted Cliff out for a while now.

Later, Christie, Analyse, and Tommy all chat about voting Kat out. Tommy mentions that he wants to feel safe with Cliff and needs everyone to know that they can’t let Cliff get too far or else he will win this game. Christie mentions that Cliff would be her first target when they got down to six.

Jessica tells Nicole that she doesn’t want to vote Kat out but thinks it would look bad on her if she didn’t. She also mentions that she thinks that Kat has a stronger connection to Jackson and Holly than she does with Jessica. Nicole tells Jessica that she is going to tell Kat later in the week that she is voting her out because she doesn’t want Kat to be blindsided.

Holly works on Analyse more and tells her that Cliff is most likely going to come after the two of them, but Analyse is worried that Kat would too. Holly tells Analyse that she isn’t even on Kat’s radar and that Kat would probably go after Nick. Meanwhile, Nick is putting a target on his back with Kat by challenging her about putting Jackson up if she stays. He says that she spends too much time with Holly and Jackson for him to believe that she would actually put Jackson on the block.

Later on last night, Holly and Jackson realize that they might not be able to save Kat this week. They both agree that they think Nick and Nicole have replaced them in the alliance. Jackson says that they have to win HOH next week or one of them will go next week. Holly tells Jackson that she is going to straight-up ask Tommy if they have been replaced by Nick and Nicole.

Kat tells Holly and Jackson that everyone seems set to keep Cliff and there isn’t really anything she can do. She is feeling defeated and doesn’t think she can compete with Cliff with her campaigning. Holly tells her that she thinks Kat can still get Analyse’s vote. She tells Kat to talk to Analyse about the almost flip vote two weeks ago and tell her that she has a new level of respect for her after she questioned it.

Jackson goes to talk to Tommy and mentions that he has noticed they have all gotten pretty close with Nick and Nicole and pretty much asks if he and Holly have been replaced. Tommy denies it and Jackson tells him that he and Holly are just trying to make it look like the former six are still divided and that’s why they have been keeping their distance. Tommy tells him that he didn’t realize that’s why Holly and Jackson were isolating themselves and tells him that they don’t have to do that.

Cliff tells Tommy that he is on board with being a F6 with them and says that he will shake on it with all of them. Tommy says he loves that and that they will talk about it later on. Meanwhile, Jackson is downstairs telling Holly that he is worried they have been replaced.  Jackson mentions that if they should win HOH, they should use Nick and Nicole as their noms and then backdoor Christie.

Analyse tells Tommy and Nick that she doesn’t want to blindside Jackson and Holly when she wins HOH and puts them up. Nick and Tommy agree that she shouldn’t. She wants to put Jackson up but worries that if she puts Holly up next to him, she will ruin her game relationship with Holly.

The HGs got beer and wine last night which made for some interesting conversations. They spend a lot of time playing Never-Have-I-Ever in the HOH room. Nicole leaves the game and goes downstairs. Later on, Analyse starts to worry about being voted into America’s Field Trip and how the fans of the show might see her.

It doesn’t look good for Kat, however, there are still a few days before the live show and Kat could still pull this off. As of right now, it looks like the majority of the house is looking to send her to keep Jack company in Jury. Who would you rather see go this week? Cliff or Kat?

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