It was Power of Veto day in the Big Brother 21 house and we started the day finding out who the POV Players were going to be. A little later on, after a couple of hours of downtime, the POV winner was revealed and this plan to use it was set. Find all your Big Brother spoilers from Saturday’s Big Brother live feeds right here!

We started the day in the Big Brother house off with the player draw for the Power of Veto. When the feeds came back up we found out that Jackson and Nick were playing with Tommy, Christie, Kat, and Cliff. Jackson promises Cliff that he’ll play hard to help him because if he wins, he is keeping noms the same. Assures Cliff that with Christie on the block, Cliff and Kat will be safe and he’s worried that if there is a renom situation that Holly will be put up. Jackson mentions that Tommy, Christie, or Nick can’t win or else Christie will come down. He says that they can’t pass up the opportunity to take her out.

Throughout the day Christie worried if Nick would actually take her down with the POV. Nick tells Nicole about the decision he will have to make if he does win. Cliff and Nicole study the memory wall and chat about how Cliff hopes that if Jackson wins he will save him, but knows that if he wants to be saved from the block he has to do it himself. Cliff mentions how Jackson said he wanted Christie out, but she claims they made up. Christie has been overplaying her relationship with Jackson to make him look like more of a threat because of his relationship with everyone who used to be in the Six.

Feeds go down for the POV and when they come back up, we find out that Tommy has won the POV for week 7. Kat is crying hysterically, she feels bad because she and Cliff apparently had a run-in at the last rope for the OTEV comp and it sounds like she might have pushed past him to get it. Cliff got hurt and she felt terrible because of it. Cliff assured her that they were both competing and that she didn’t hurt him on purpose so there is no reason for her to be that upset. She goes into the storage room and cries by herself for a while after this. Apparently, Jackson also hurt his ankle during this comp.

Christie talks to Analyse about who they should keep this week. They agree that if they keep Kat, she will go after Jackson for them. Christie later tells Tommy that she is sure that Jackson is coming for her, Tommy is convinced that he can get the group back together. Later on, Holly talks to Jackson about getting back with the remaining Shooters. Jackson tells her that he would sooner work alone than ever work with Christie again.

Nicole wonders to Cliff if they can get Tommy to renom Holly in order to try and split up the showmance. Cliff doesn’t think that will happen, but he tells her that he will try. It is pretty clear that Tommy is going to save Christie with the POV which means there will be no renom named at Monday’s POV Ceremony. However, it isn’t clear who will be the next member of the Jury. The house seems pretty split as to who people want to send home. We all know that Kat is Tommy’s target, but even his allies are talking about keeping her around because she will go after Jackson.

Make sure you come back tonight for our Big Brother live recap where we will see America’s Field Trip and the nominations play out!

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