Yesterday was a quiet day in the Big Brother 21 house with the plan pretty much in place for today’s POV Ceremony and we have a pretty good idea of who the house is leaning towards evicting. Also, Analyse got phase two of her punishment now that the backyard is open. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds right here!

The first thing that we got a look at on the Big Brother live feeds was phase two of Analyse’s chicken suit punishment. When Big Brother calls out, she has to make chicken noises out to her chicken coop from America’s Field Trip challenge, sit on the eggs, then go back inside to prepare eggs the way Big Brother told her to. She did this a lot throughout the day yesterday preparing eggs benedict, deviled eggs, egg white omelets and many more. She then has to deliver the eggs to her fellow HGs. Just as he did with Jackson and Jack’s punishments, Cliff was there for her every time she was called.

Cliff talked with Tommy yesterday and offered to not nominate or vote against Tommy as long as he can stay in the house this week. Jessica worries that Kat has a final two with Holly and that it’s dangerous to keep her in the house because of it. Holly and Jackson talked about who they were going to vote to evict and they both agree that they don’t want to lose Kat, but they wouldn’t mind Cliff staying either.

A little later on, Kat talked to Tommy and promised him safety if she stayed. He admitted to her and Cliff earlier that his plan is to obviously take Christie down with the POV. Holly is trying to plant seeds on why some of the HGs should vote to evict Cliff over Kat. She tells Analyse and Christie that the key indicator that Cliff is going to come after them all is the fact that he didn’t take the deal from Jack. Christie agrees that was pretty dumb of Cliff to do. However, later on, Christie tells Analyse that Holly wanting Kat to stay is a big red flag. Christie also mentions that if they are Cliff’s targets, he is hurt and Kat is a bigger physical threat at this point. Analyse doesn’t really care which one stays or goes.

Later on, Nick, Analyse, and Christie all talk about what they should do. Analyse makes Nick swear that if it came down to to the six of them (Christie, Analyse, Nick, Tommy, Cliff, and Nicole) that he will take a shot at Cliff over any of them. Nick says that he knows Nicole will vote out Kat and Christie tells them that they have to make sure that Cliff is aware this is their doing so that he feels like he owes them. Meanwhile, Nicole is already telling Cliff that he has her vote to stay this week.

Tommy goes to Jackson and Holly and tells them that he is taking Christie down because he only wants two noms up there on Thursday. Tommy also tells them that he wants Kat gone because he tried to flip the vote on her and she is going to want revenge for that. Holly mentions that Cliff might be playing up his injuries and might not be as hurt as he is letting them think.

Jessica and Analyse talk about the vote and Jessica tells her that even if Kat is going, she is probably going to vote for Kat to show support to her friend. With her vote, Jackson, and Holly as well, it doesn’t seem like Kat is going to have enough votes to stay this week with everyone else being loyal to Tommy or Cliff, however, Analyse has always voiced how much she wants Cliff out, so if they could sway Analyse, Kat could stay.

As far as today’s POV Ceremony, it is pretty obvious that Tommy would take down Christie today which means that America’s Field Trip was another bust for Big Brother 21. Stay tuned for confirmation on today’s POV Ceremony results coming up later on.

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