After Jack went to Jury on Big Brother 21, Tommy went on to win this week’s HOH and now it’s time for him to figure out what side of the house he is going to target. If you missed last night’s episode of Big Brother, make sure you check out our Big Brother live recap in order to get all caught up. Keep reading our live feeds recap here to get all the Big Brother spoilers from last night!

Tommy started his night not knowing what he was going to do as far as his targets for this week. He didn’t really want to target any of the former Six Shooters, but he has people on the other side of the house that he is close to. It doesn’t leave many options for the week.

Jackson knows that if he goes up as a pawn this week, he will go to Jury next week. Holly tells him that she really has no idea what Tommy is going to do but he did talk about wanting Cliff out at one point. She speculates that maybe Cliff is his target. When Jackson talked to Cliff, they both agreed that one of them, if not both, would end up on the block this week.

Analyse tells Jackson that Tommy has said before that Jackson wouldn’t be a target of his if he won HOH. Tommy joins Analyse, Jackson, and Holly in the kitchen and he tells them all that they are safe this week. Jackson is shocked by this, he really thought he would at least be a pawn this week, but he thinks that people would vote him out over just about anyone. Tommy tells Jackson that he knows who his target is, but he isn’t telling anyone. Tommy also tells Jackson that he is 90 percent sure that Jackson will not see the block this week.

Nicole wonders what Tommy is going to do and Nick tells her he thinks it might be Cliff and Kat, but she was thinking Cliff and Jackson.

Christie goes on a “signs from the universe” rant about how if she won HOH she would have targeted Jackson, but now she is wondering if her not winning is a sign that they should all get back together. Christie thinks that Tommy is going to nominate Jessica and Kat, but Analyse says she would rather see Cliff up there because he is a bigger threat. Christie says that she isn’t going to give Tommy her opinion unless he asks for it (yea, okay).

Holly and Tommy have a nice chat about how she checked out last week. He tells her that he understands and that last week was probably the perfect week to do it. He tells her that watching them all campaign hard to try and keep Jack in the house was something she should be happy she missed. He tells her that he loves her and that won’t ever change.

Cliff tells Nicole that he thinks Nick has gone back to the other side. They start to speculate who they think will be nominated.

Tommy gets his HOH room and starts running down the names of all his family members. Oh, and in case you were waiting for it, Christie was not featured in any of the photos.

Later Tommy meets with Christie and he tells her that he suspects a F4 with Nick, Nicole, Kat, and Cliff. He thinks that they should try and get Nick back in with them. Tommy tells Christie that he is leaning towards nominating Kat and Cliff this week with Kat as his target and Nicole as a backup option. Tommy also requests that Christie sleep in the RV to break up the conversations between Jess, Nicole, and Kat. Christie had already promised Analyse that she would sleep with her so she wasn’t alone after Jack’s eviction. Later when Analyse mentions how weird it was that Christie changed her mind, he tells her maybe it’s because Jackson and Holly sleep in there (Nick was in the room).

Tommy talks to Cliff, he tells Cliff that he doesn’t want to see Cliff go to Jury this week, but he can’t promise that he won’t go up on the block. Tommy promises that if he wins the POV, he will take him down and Cliff promises not to share any of that information.

Kat goes to talk to Tommy and she is nervous. Kat says that she voted out Jack to help Jessica’s game and now wonders if that wasn’t good for her game. Tommy tells Kat that he is still thinking about what he is going to do with his noms, but doesn’t really share any information with her. Kat wonders if Tommy is trying to get the Six Shooters back together, but Tommy shuts it down with the fact that Christie won’t work with Jackson.

Tommy tells Analyse that his plan is to target Kat this week because she is in the middle of two different alliances. Analyse tells Tommy that Nick informed her that if Cliff won HOH he was planning to target Tommy and Christie this week. When Nick comes in, Tommy warns him that Kat is a little upset because Nicole told her that Nick said he thought that Cliff and Kat were going to be nominated this week. Nick is frustrated that Nicole would tell Kat that.

Tommy later talks to Nicole and tells Nicole that he doesn’t plan to nominate her and asks her to keep that to herself. After her talk with Tommy, she goes down to use the bathroom and runs into Cliff. She tells Cliff about how Kat ran and told Tommy about what Nicole told her about Nick’s speculation. She wants to ask Kat why she would do that. Nicole cam talks a bit about being frustrated with Kat.

With the field trip twist in play and noms coming up later, we will have plenty to look forward to today. I will keep you posted with all the spoilers throughout the day!

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