It was an interesting day in the Big Brother 21 house as the HGs continued to go back and forth about who they should evict this week. There was some shifting of alliances over the last couple days, but things seem to be at a standstill for the time being with one HG wary of joining forces with another. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers from Tuesday’s Big Brother live feeds right here for the details!

With the backyard being closed, a portion of Analyse’s punishment ended yesterday. She had a task to go with her BB Chicken suit where she had to prepare and deliver eggs to the other HGs every time Big Brother told her to. She would first have to “lay” the eggs by sitting in the chicken coop from America’s Field Trip comp and then after she was done, she had to go to the storage room for the ingredients for the specific egg dish. She wasn’t allowed to talk to the HGs during this time, she was only allowed to cluck.

Holly and Kat talked about the votes and Kat joked about leaving this week. Holly tells her that she thinks that she can get Christie and Analyse’s vote. She tells Kat that she just has to mention how Cliff didn’t take the deal that Jack tried to give him and how Cliff would target Christie if he stayed.

We then saw a conversation between Tommy and Analyse where he was telling her about Jackson being worried him and Holly have been replaced. He tells her that he tried to play it off like they haven’t been, but now they have to worry about how close they seem with Nick and Nicole going forward. They also talk about the deal with Cliff and Tommy isn’t sure about adding Cliff to their little group. He doesn’t want Cliff to be able to target him, but he doesn’t like the idea of not being able to target Cliff. He knows that when they get to six, Tommy is going to be Cliff’s first target. Analyse thinks that Cliff would put him next to Christie and he would have the votes to stay in that case.

Tommy later has a conversation with Cliff. He tells Cliff that he is good with the six of them working together, but he thinks they need to pump the breaks a little. Cliff lets Tommy know that he already put it out to Holly and Jackson that he isn’t going to be doing much campaigning. Tommy mentions that when he talks to people he will tell the guys that they need to stick together because someone in the house is only targeting the guys of the house and that with Cliff’s injuries, he isn’t as much of a threat as Kat is.

Jackson tells Analyse that he feels like he and Holly have been replaced (he had this conversation with Tommy the night before). Analyse tells him that she doesn’t think so and that Tommy is always telling her that he trusts the two of them. Analyse tells him that he just needs to work on trusting Christie, which she knows is hard because she has a big mouth and tells everyone everything. Jackson brings up the idea of getting the five of them together to talk later on when everyone is starting to go to bed.

Nick tells Nicole that they have to win HOH and adds that as long as Jackson or Holly don’t win, they should be okay this week. Nick retells his conversation with Kat where he called her out and told her that he didn’t believe she would target Holly and Jackson if she won HOH.

Analyse told Christie about her conversation with Jackson and how he wants the five to get together and talk. Christie tells her about how Jackson made it known that if she stayed on the block this week, she was going. Analyse tells her that if they do end up getting Holly and Jackson back on board with them, they would really need Cliff to win HOH and take a shot at them.

Analyse talked to Cliff shortly after this and he tells her that he is on board with working with them and that the only concern he had about Jack was that he was such a good player. She tells him that she would love to make things official and he tells her that he’s ready. About five minutes later, Tommy tells Analyse that he doesn’t think they should make the deal with Cliff. Tommy doesn’t want to be stuck working with Cliff and Nicole and not able to work with Holly. Analyse tells Tommy that she likes her chances better with Cliff and Nicole. Tommy mentions how they could lose jury votes for looking disloyal.

Tommy later tells Nick that he is worried about making this deal with Cliff. Nick asks Tommy if he still feels good about Holly and Jackson and Tommy says he does, it’s Christie that has an issue with them and they have an issue with her. Tommy also mentions how Kat offered to not put Tommy up if she stays where Cliff hasn’t done that. Tommy mentions that if Cliff doesn’t do that, he might have to flip the house to target Cliff instead. He thinks that an individual deal with Cliff would be better than a new six-person alliance because then they wouldn’t be burning Holly and Jackson.

Holly told Analyse, Tommy, and Christie how she feels like Cliff tells everyone that he wants to work with them. She mentions how he has told her and Jackson that quite a few times. Holly also tells Christie that Nick told her that Christie would target her and Jackson if she won HOH. Christie is aggravated and Holly tells them that Nick does that, he plants seeds. Christie tells Holly that she doesn’t know what to do with her vote this week and Analyse tells her that she wants to hear their final campaigns before deciding.

After Holly leaves, Christie and Analyse talk about how everything Holly said about Cliff is bull and that he is a man of his word. Christie is still pretty upset about Nick going back and forth and playing both sides. Christie also mentions how she has no interest in meeting with Holly and Jackson later and to count her out. She says that Tommy wants to, but she doesn’t and Analyse tells her that she doesn’t either. She later told Analyse that she trusts Jessica more than Holly at this point.

Christie talks with Jessica after dinner and tells her that she thinks that Jackson and Holly have realized that they messed up by separating themselves from Jessica and her side of the house. She tells her how Holly and Jackson have been trying to get back in with the other side.

Tommy tells Nick and Analyse that he is worried about Christie wanting to throw the next HOH. He tells them that he doesn’t want them to get the blame for putting Jackson and Holly up. Tommy tells them that the deal with Kat is better because it doesn’t include safety for Christie, but they agree as a group that they still wouldn’t vote out Cliff this week. Tommy talks about how they can throw the next HOH to Cliff so he can target Jackson and Holly and then take Cliff out the following week.

Tommy is still very worried about making this deal with Cliff because as much as he wants Kat out this week, he wants Cliff out the next chance he gets. He wants to talk to Cliff more about making a simpler deal as the one Kat made to him. Kat seems to be the bigger target still this week, but if Cliff doesn’t offer Tommy an individual deal, this could change Tommy’s mind completely.

Today is Wednesday, which means there is an all-new episode of Big Brother tonight where we will watch the six HGs compete in OTEV! Just a reminder, tonight’s episode starts at 8/7c! See you all there!

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