It was Eviction Eve in the Big Brother 21 house which means there was a lot of campaigning throughout the day. Also, word got our that there is a new alliance forming and Jessica is not happy she isn’t a part of it! Find out about all the drama it created and more Big Brother spoilers from Wednesday’s Big Brother live feeds right here!

Yesterday we started the day with Tommy trying to figure out how to take the deal with Cliff without forming an alliance. This was because he went around telling people that he wasn’t going to be forming any alliances while he was the HOH. He comes up with a plan to go to Cliff and ask him to promise him, Christie, Nick, and Nicole safety if this week should be a double eviction in exchange for votes to keep him. He adds that they can all shake on a new alliance later on. He explains to Cliff that he doesn’t want to ruin jury votes by acting disloyal and forming an alliance when he said he wouldn’t. Cliff understands and agrees to keep them safe in the event of a DE.

Nick had a long conversation with Holly and Jackson separately where he told them that as long as they weren’t coming after him, he wasn’t going to come after them. Holly confirmed that he target this week is still Christie if she should win the HOH and Jackson later confirmed with Nick that he wouldn’t target Nick if he won. Nick camtalked a bit after his talk with Jackson and says that he can’t target Holly and Jackson this week and that Cliff, Nicole, or Christie need to win HOH and take the shot.

Kat did her campaigning throughout the house and made sure that everyone knew she had no intentions of targeting them and that her target was Jackson if she should stay. During her campaign with Nick, he expressed that he would rather see her stay and then starts to get emotional. Kat starts to wonder if Nick made a deal to keep Cliff, but Nick denies it and says that if he did, he wouldn’t have wasted her time listening to her campaign. Kat moved on and reminded people that she is loyal and trustworthy and pitched to Jessica that the two of them and Nicole could make it to the end if they stick together. Kat also told Jessica that Cliff likes to make deals and some of them might not include Nicole and Jessica.

Nick is really upset that Kat is going this week. Tommy is reassuring Nick that getting rid of Kat would weaken Holly and Jackson and Nick understands that but still thinks it sucks. He really wants Kat to stay over Cliff. Nick reassures Tommy that he will vote Kat out but says that he feels she is going down for something that isn’t even her fault.

Nick talks to Nicole about her vote and she tells him she is leaning towards keeping Cliff, Nick says he is too but it is killing him. He tells her that Kat’s campaign to him crushed him and that he feels like he is voting her out for things that Jackson did. Nicole reminds Nick that Cliff will take them to the end, where Kat won’t.

Jessica tells Christie that she loves Kat and asks her why she should vote out someone who would never vote her out? Christie tells her that if she feels that strongly about Kat, then she should vote to keep her. Christie denies being part of a five-person alliance and tells Jessica that if there is an alliance, she (C) isn’t part of it. A few minutes later, Kat and Christie talk about the vote and Kat asks her why people would vote her out knowing that she isn’t targeting any of them. Kat also mentions that Cliff has mentioned that he is going after so many people in the house.

Nicole and Kat talk about how Kat wants to make it to the end with her and Jessica. Nicole tells Kat that she is in an awful position with this week’s vote and Kat tells her that she knows her and Cliff are close. Kat promises to Nicole that Jackson is her target and the only reason she voted to keep him last week was because it was Jess’s HOH and she really wanted Jack gone. She tells her that if she wins HOH, she would put Jackson and Holly up together because she wouldn’t want to have Holly as a vote to keep him. Nicole tells Kat that she will talk to Jessica and if Kat should stay, they can pull Nick in with them.

Kat talks to Holly about if Jackson is really going to vote for her to stay and Holly assures her that he is. Unless it ends up being a house vote. She tells Holly that if she stays, she will use the 4-3 vote to get out of her promise to target Jackson if she wins HOH. She tells Holly that she will have three people that voted against her and Jackson wasn’t one of them. Meanwhile, Nick is telling Jackson that Kat’s campaign really got to him and he would love to keep her, but he can’t.

Cliff and Analyse talked about there new unofficial alliance and he tells her that even though Tommy wants to wait, he wants to give Analyse his word now. She gives him hers as well. He also talked about throwing the HOH to her after saying earlier that he would like to throw it to Nicole to make her feel better about herself and make her feel like she was part of the group.

Nicole and Jessica talk about the vote this week and Nicole tells Jessica that after talking to Kat, she isn’t really sure what she wants to do anymore. Jessica tells Nicole that she is concerned about the deals that Cliff is making because she knows that they don’t include them. Jessica also said that she wasn’t sold on Cliff’s campaign and to her, Kat made a better case for herself. Nicole mentions how Cliff has had a lot of chances to prove himself in this game, where Kat really hasn’t.

Nicole asks Jessica if she believes that Kat is gunning it for the HOH and Jessica tells her that she absolutely does. Nicole thinks that Kat will keep them safe and go after bigger targets in the house. She just isn’t sure that it’s going to be Holly and Jackson. Jessica tells Nicole that Kat doesn’t throw comps that would put her allies in danger and she could see Cliff doing that to protect himself. However, they both agree that Cliff would never vote either of them out.

Cliff and Nicole talk about the vote and she tells him that she is completely stressed out about it. He tells her that if he stays, they can be part of a new six, but they would remain closer to each other and Nick. He tells her that he feels awful that Jessica isn’t part of this new deal because she would be a target after Jackson and Holly.

A little later, Nicole warned Jessica that there is a new six forming and that she isn’t a part of it. Jessica then goes to Holly and tells her about this new alliance and lets Holly know that a lot of people have talked about targeting Holly. Jessica tells Holly that she is committed to voting Cliff out this week. Jessica questioned Analyse about this new alliance and Analyse claims that she never gave her word or shook on a new alliance. Analyse also pointed out how Kat says she is going to target Jackson, but he doesn’t seem worried about it.

Holly tells Jackson about what Jessica told her and wonders if they are really being targeted next. Holly says that they really need Nicole to vote to keep Kat this week.

Back to the conversation between Analyse and Jessica. Jessica asked Analyse if she really believed that Cliff would take her over Kat to the end and Analyse says she does because they made a deal. Jessica also warns Analyse that the only reason Nick is keeping Cliff is that he is worried about there being six women and three men in the house. Jessica continued to push for Cliff to go this week, but Analyse doesn’t seem to be budging on her decision.

Nicole tells Kat a little later that despite Kat’s campaign, Nicole has decided to keep Cliff this week.

Analyse warned Christie that Jessica knows about the new alliance and adds that she thinks Nicole was the one who said something. Analyse then wonders if they should keep Kat, but Christie shuts that down quickly.

Jessica questions Christie about the new alliance, but she denies it exists. Later, Christie talks to Analyse again and tells her that she could trust Cliff. They also agree that Nick would put up Jackson and Holly if he won HOH (he said earlier that he wouldn’t). Moments later, Holly talked with Analyse and Christie about what Jessica told her and Christie denies that there is an alliance and says that everyone is lying.

There was a lot of back and forth about this new alliance and Analyse even tried to tell Holly that Jessica said Holly told her about the alliance, not the other way around. It didn’t seem to change anything though. It looks like Kat will still be evicted tonight 4-3 unless something big happens in the house before the live show.

There is a lot going on today with it being eviction day! Stay tuned for my eviction poll and predictions coming up a little later today. Tonight starting at 9/8c I will be live recapping the live show and then following the show I will have a live recap of tonight’s endurance comp from the live feeds!

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