It was Eviction Eve in the Big Brother 21 house which meant that it was campaign day! Both nominees prepared their campaign speeches and pitched themselves to their fellow HGs. So what was said that could have caused the targets in the Big Brother house to flip? Keep reading to get all the details, including what tonight’s eviction could like like here with our Big Brother spoilers!

We started the morning with Cliff going into the RV room to talk to Nicole. He tells her that Tommy told him Christie has been up there talking in the HOH room and they might be flipping the vote. He says if that’s the case, they have to make a decision on how they are voting. He tells her they either both vote for Analyse to stay and go against the flip, vote for Christie to stay and go with the flip, or split their vote so that Jackson has to break the tie himself. He tells her that they will talk about it later.

Nicole goes to talk to Nick and mentions that everyone is acting weird and she feels like she has no idea what’s going on. Nicole mentions what Cliff told her about a possible flip and Nick wonders if Jackson thinks it’s better to keep Christie because Christie will take out Nick. Nicole doesn’t think that Jackson will go back on his word to Analyse though, he has promised her that she is a pawn this week and that he doesn’t want to see her go.

Analyse goes to Holly to talk about the rumor of a vote flip. Holly tells her that she has been kept out of the loop by Jackson and that he has mentioned wanting the HGs to listen to the campaigns and make the decision that is best for their game. She said that Jackson seems disconnected from the game right now and admits now is not that time for that.

Nicole and Cliff get to talk in the HN room. Cliff tells Nicole that he isn’t sure how this is going to go and they start thinking about what the house dynamic would look like with Analyse vs Christie staying in the house. Nicole mentions that if Analyse stays, she will go after Jackson and Holly, but if Christie stays she will go after Nick and probably Jackson. Cliff wonders if splitting their vote might be better for them because it will show that they are voting on their own and it would force Jackson to make the decision of who to keep. He says that it might make it so they are less likely to go on the block together.

Christie campaigns to Tommy and he tells her that he noticed her target has switched from Jackson to Nick. She tells him that’s because she is Nick’s number one target and Tommy says she is now since the blow-up. She tells him that if she goes this week and he expects to stay, he is going to have to stop defending Nick. Tommy tells her that she had a better chance of staying when her target was Jackson and Holly. He tells her that’s who he is going after if he wins HOH because he is pissed about what happened this week. He also mentioned that another thing that messed this all up for them was the incident the other night…(feeds cut)

Analyse started her campaign with Cliff and she talks about how if Christie stays she isn’t going after Jackson and Holly. She says that she is either going after Nick and Cliff or Cliff and Nicole if she stays. She also mentions to Cliff that Holly said the decision of who stays and who goes is up to the HGs and that Jackson isn’t getting involved in the vote.

Jackson and Holly are talking and Holly mentions that Nick is a huge threat to her game and having Christie in the house to take a shot at him might not be a bad idea. She also mentions that if Christie is in the house, Nick will be more focused on Christie and Jessica where if Analyse stays Holly will probably go up next to Jessica.

Analyse talks to Jackson after her conversation with Cliff and tells him she is freaking out. He tells her that everything Christie said was a valid point, but also nothing he didn’t already know. He tells her that his target this week has not changed, but he has given the HGs two people to chose from. He tells her some of the things that the HGs might be worried about when it comes to her, like he closeness to Nick. He also mentions that as long as there are big targets in the house, some of the others feel safe. Christie is a big target and Analyse isn’t. Analyse is freaking out.

Christie campaigns to Cliff next and she is keeping her target in this conversation as Nick regardless of Tommy telling her that Jackson and Holly would be a better target to talk about. Christie tells Cliff that Jackson and Holly have been talking about how they need stronger mental competitors on their side and that could be Christie. Christie asks Cliff that if she can get Jackson and Holly on board with keeping her, would he vote in her favor? He tells her probably, but he can’t promise anything right now.

After her campaign to Cliff, she goes back and talks to Jackson. She tells Jackson that Nick has an army of Analyse, Nicole, Tommy, and possibly Cliff. If they keep Analyse, Jackson and Holly take 7th and 6th, but if they keep Christie, she is going to take out Nick. No one else will and because they are all together, that only leaves them as targets next week. Jackson tells Christie that he is annoyed Analyse didn’t mention Jackson in the people she wanted to work with going forward and that she hasn’t said anything about not nominating him if she stayed either.

Christie tells her that she either goes or she makes a deal with him and Holly. She says that she can get Jessica’s vote and that Cliff will vote to keep her if he knows that’s what Jackson and Holly want. Jackson tells Christie that he would be okay with evicting Analyse because she hasn’t done a good job at showing him why she should stay. Jackson tells Christie that he believes her when she says she will swear to a deal with them. Christie tells Holly and Jackson that she will gladly take 4th or 5th if they keep her this week.

Jackson says that this is the first time he has felt like he is 100 percent working with Christie and that Analyse didn’t promise him anything and it would make no sense to keep her. He adds that keeping Christie is a number against Nick and a person Nick could put up over him or Holly. He says that Analyse has no target, isn’t a threat to anyone, and would end up floating to the end. Holly asks if she can secure Jessica’s vote and she tells her that as long as they tell Jessica that keeping Christie is okay, she can. Jackson tells Christie that if she is being honest about wanting to work with them and being willing to go to five, four, or three with them, then she won’t even be on their radar. She gives them her word.

After Christie leaves the room, Jackson and Holly talk about how great it would be to work with Christie. Jackson confirms to Holly that if Christie can get Jessica and Cliff, he will break the tie in her favor.

A little later, Jackson and Holly talk with Cliff and Jackson tells Cliff that Analyse is a number for Nick and that they would be naive to think that Nick would take anyone but Tommy, Analyse, or Nicole to F2. Cliff agrees and tells them that if they want to flip the vote, he is on board. Jackson tells him that if it came to a tie, Jackson would vote to keep Christie. Cliff tells Jackson that he will vote that way if they want him to.

Holly and Nicole talk and Nicole confirmed with Holly that she will vote however Jackson wants her to because she wants to respect his HOH. Jackson implies that he wants to the vote to flip and Nicole tells him she thinks she understands what he is saying. She tells him that Cliff and she were weighing their options earlier and wondered if it would be better for them to split their vote. Jackson said he would rather not have to break the tie. Jackson tells her that the vote ends up 4-2 in Christie’s favor, that give her two easy targets going into next week.

Cliff and Nicole talk about this a little later on and Nicole tells him that she really needs to figure out which way screws her over less down the road. Cliff and Nicole both agree that Christie’s campaign made some sense.

Christie updates Tommy with Analyse sitting right there. Tells Tommy that she made a deal with Jackson that she won’t go after him if she stays. Tommy tells her that he will have to vote with the house on this one.

Nick warns Nicole that if Christie stays this week, Nicole will likely go up next to Nick. Nicole tells Nick that as of right now, Jackson would break a tie against Analyse. Nick thinks that Cliff will vote out Christie if that means Nick and Nicole will be protected.

Analyse talks with Jackson and tells him that it doesn’t make sense that Christie has been his target all this time and now all of a sudden she isn’t. He tells her that is how this game works sometimes. Analyse calls Jackson out for keeping Christie to go after Nick when Jackson could have just done it himself. Jackson says that he isn’t telling anyone how to vote this week.

Cliff asks Christie to keep Nicole safe and not put her up with Nick. He says that he is good with Christie staying as long as Nicole is safe. Jackson promised Cliff a little later that there is no way he or Holly would vote Nicole out over Nick. Nicole and Cliff meet with Jackson and Holly and Nicole asks for confirmation on the new alliance. They say that it would be Nicole, Cliff, Holly, Jackson, and Christie, but Christie would be the first target at F5. Everyone seems okay that Jessica isn’t included and they shake on the new alliance.

Earlier in the evening, the BB Birdwatching Audio Tour popped up on the TV so the HGs have been studying the bird sounds for the HOH. Cliff, Nicole, Jessica, Holly, and Jackson all agreed that keeping Christie in the house keeps the target off their backs. However, it isn’t over until it’s over. Make sure you come back a little later today to let me know who you think will be going home tonight! Also, stay tuned for my eviction prediction, our Big Brother live recap tonight and our HOH spoilers for week 9!

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