Zingbot came to visit the Big Brother 21 HGs for this week’s Power of Veto comp. With the HGs nervous about the who the Prankster would do, everyone was hoping to win and all but two of them had the chance. Keep reading our Big Brother live feeds recap to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Saturday’s live feeds!

The first thing we saw on the Big Brother live feeds was the POV Player pick. The feeds went down briefly for the player draw and when they came back up we found out that Cliff, Jackson, and Jessica were picked to play and Nicole would be hosting. There was a lot of downtime and general chit chat before the Power of Veto comp took place. Cliff talked about how his brother was on season one of The Apprentice, they speculated about what the POV comp was going to be, and there was a lot of talk about the party in Vegas after the show.

Feeds cut for the POV, when they come back Jackson is wearing the medallion. Jackson and Nick are in the Boat Room talking and Jackson is apologizing to Nick telling him that he had to win so that he was safe from the Prankster. Nick spilled the beans to Jackson about him being the Prankster and tells him that he was never going to nominate Jackson.

Jackson goes to Holly and tells her about the conversation with Nick and tells her how Nick told him he was the prankster. He also mentions that Nick came in second place in the POV comp. Jackson tells her that he isn’t going to use the POV because he knows how much she wants Nick to go. Christie walks in and talks about throwing the comp to him to prove that she was loyal to them. Jackson tells her that he can’t use the POV because he has no idea who would go up in her place, but promises that she would be safe.

Nick talks to Nicole about the POV comp and how close he was to winning it. Nicole tells him that if it helps, she is voting for him to stay this week. Nick says it doesn’t make sense for Tommy or Cliff to vote to keep Christie, but they will see what happens. Nick tells Nicole that he put Christie next to him knowing that he could beat her. Nicole tells him that he could also dig her own grave throughout the week and mentions that last week Christie was everyone’s target but then all of a sudden, Analyse went.

Pie Punishment tells Cliff, Nicole, and Jessica to make pies and surprise someone with them. Nicole goes to surprise Jackson with one and it turns into a pie war between the two of them. They were chasing each other around the house for a half-hour.

Tommy tells Nick that he has to vote to keep Christie because of a deal that he made with her. Tommy tells Nick that if he can get Christie off the block, Tommy could vote to keep Nick. Nick tells Tommy that last week Tommy promised Nick that he would vote to keep Nick over Christie and that’s why he put her up. Nick wonders why Tommy is so insistent on keeping Christie and Tommy tells him that he made a deal with her and has to keep his promise.

Nick offers Holly and Jackson safety if he should win HOH next week and wouldn’t vote against either of them if they were on the block. Nick talks to Tommy again and tells him that America gave him this power so that he would nominate Christie, but Tommy reaffirms that he will not vote against Christie. Meanwhile, Holly tells Jackson that she doesn’t trust Nick and adds that Nick has his chance at safety.

Nick admits to Christie that he is the Prankster and that he put her on the block. They discuss a plan to get Jackson to use the POV to take her down and then Nick asks her if she would vote to keep him if that happens. Christie is not on board with voting to keep Nick though.

We ended the night with Nicole camtalking. She is telling us that she is worried that Cliff is closer to Holly and Jackson than she is and says that when it gets to F4 she will be the one cut because of it. She hopes that Christie goes this week and that Holly or Jackson go next week.

With over half of the house knowing that Nick is the Prankster, he is hoping that he can use it to bargain votes. However, with three votes needed to stay this week, it isn’t looking good for Nick. There is still a lot of time between for him to try and campaign his way to safety. With Jackson winning the POV, it is looking like the noms will stay the same at Monday’s POV Ceremony so Nick’s hopes to get Tommy’s votes are dwindling fast.

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