It was an overall quiet day in the Big Brother 21 house with the HGs all hanging out and talking about their life experiences, their families, and other various storytelling. Nick worked on his campaign and is very confident he will be staying this week. However, will he actually have the votes? Keep reading our live feeds recap to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Tuesday’s live feeds right here!

The HGs spent the first half of the day huddled around the kitchen table just chatting. Nick talked to Nicole a bit about Tommy and how Tommy is only loyal until you’re the target and need his vote. Talks turned to his campaign and how he is going to make it a point to tell Jackson and Holly that if Nick leaves this week, Christie and Jessica’s targets will shift. He intends to pitch that keeping him is a better choice because people will come after him and clearly they won’t go after her. He talks about how Jackson and Holly are his major pitches this week.

Nicole wonders to Nick what she should do if she wins HOH next week. Should she work with Jackson and Holly or take a shot at them? Nick suggests that she work with them because someone will always be there to take a shot at them and having them on her side right now will keep her in the game a little longer.

Tommy tells Nick that he would love to see Nick come back in a Battle Back. Nick tells him that he doesn’t plan to leave in the first place. They then talk about the chance that no one will be going this week because of Prank Week. They have all been speculating that it is going to be a reset week.

Jessica and Nicole talk a little later about all the alliances that have fallen apart throughout the season so far. Nicole mentions that there seems to be a lot of pairs now working together. Jessica says that she doesn’t see Tommy as a pair with anyone (Ummm what?). Jessica also points out how the alliance of six was called the Six Shooters and they did the guns in Tommy’s dance routine. Nicole says she sees that as a sign of arrogance.

Cliff did a Cliff Notes talk in the Boat Room last night and talked about how stressful the game is and how it has shown how people adapt to different situations. He talked about how much he misses his family and says that as they get closer to the end, he has his eye on the prize.

Nick rehearsed his campaign speeches with Nicole and notes that Christie staying last week means that she will feel obligated to be loyal to Jackson and Holly. He also mentions that if she stays this week, he surviving the block three times in a row is a huge resume builder. Meanwhile, Christie is talking with Holly about the votes and Holly tells Christie that she thinks Nicole will vote Nick out once she comes to terms with him leaving. Holly and Christie mention that Cliff is the next big target after Nick is out (Holly is working with Cliff and Nicole).

Cliff joins the conversation and they talk about if they think that there will be a Battle Back, but they all agree that they already had one and it’s too crammed for this week. Cliff wonders if they will have a reset week or something in order to fit in a DE. After Christie leaves the room, Holly, Jackson, and Cliff agree that Nicole will probably vote with them. Jackson talks about throwing the HOH if it’s a mental comp, but gunning for it if it’s physical. Jackson is worried about winning it because he doesn’t know who he would put up.

After Cliff leaves the room, Jackson tells Holly about a F4 deal with Christie and Tommy that Christie pitched to them. Holly says she doesn’t want to do that. They later talk about if Nicole or Cliff win HOH next week they will probably take a shot at Tommy and Christie. Holly suggests that they try to make Christie feel as comfortable and safe as they can so she won’t go after the HOH. Holly reiterates that she is still set on Nick going this week. Jackson wants to try and get Tommy and Christie to throw the HOH to him, so he can then throw it to Nicole or Cliff.

Today is campaign day in the Big Brother house and even though Nick seems to the one going tomorrow, he still has a chance to change his fate. Tonight we will watch as Zingbot visits the HGs and then the POV comp and ceremony will take place.

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