Tonight on Big Brother 21 we might possibly see the first blindside vote of the summer and who better for it to happen to than Nick and Bella? After the live vote, we will watch as the new evictee, David, Ovi, and Kemi will have a chance to win a spot back inside the Big Brother house! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother and join in the conversation in the comments section below!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother off with Julie telling the HGs that the Camp Comeback returnee will be determined by a do-or-die competition. We then get a look at the aftermath of the POV Ceremony. Christie tells Nick and Bella about her power and if you are a live feedster, you know that she also told everyone else in her alliance. So more than half the house knows about her power.

Christie tells Analyse and Holly that she isn’t going to vote out Nicole this week. She is not going to vote someone out that is going to vote out someone that will target Nick and Bella. Christie brings this idea to Tommy and Jack and they agree that getting rid of Nicole is only good for Nick and Bella’s game, not there’s.

We then get a look at all the Camp Comeback campers and their plans going forward if they make it back into the house. Ovi plans to work with Cliff going forward. David has been doing some recon on the house and has pretty much learned everything there is to know about the alliances and such inside the house. Kemi’s number one goal if she stays is to get Jack out of the house.

It is time for the Live Vote and to find out if Nicole or Cliff will be joining Camp Comeback! Here is how the voting happened:

  • Analyse – Cliff
  • Bella – Nicole
  • Jack – Cliff
  • Sam – Nicole
  • Jessica – Nicole
  • Kathryn – Nicole
  • Christie – Cliff
  • Holly – Cliff
  • Jackson – Cliff
  • Tommy – Cliff (that is enough to complete the blindside!)

Julie announces to the HGs that Cliff has been evicted by a vote of 6-4 and Nick is not happy about it!

It is time for the live Comeback Comp where the HGs will have roll balls down a path without the balls falling off. The first camper to sink 6 balls will win. If none of the campers sink 6 balls in the allotted time, the camper with the most balls in the shortest time will win their way back into the house. Cliff gets four balls in before anyone else. Ovi gets one, Cliff gets his fifth, Cliff gets his sixth and wins his way back into the Big Brother house meaning Ovi, David, and Kemi will be heading out of the Big Brother house.

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