Tonight on Big Brother 21, we will watch as the remaining HGs vote to evict either Sam or Kathryn from the Big Brother house. With Holly in the HOH and Sam being her primary target, things should be pretty cut and dry. However, with cracks inside the Six Shooters alliance becoming more and more prominent, this might be a more complicated eviction. Make sure you get all caught up with our Big Brother spoilers and join in the conversation in the comment section below!

We started tonight’s show with Julie saying that the last hour and a half in the house has been crazy and we see the HGs in the Boat Room and the Storage Room, not sitting in the living room like normal. We then get some taped footage from the week including Tommy and Christie’s Poison Ivy being cured and Christie making alliances outside the Six Shooters. Kat tells Holly all about the alliances and then Analyse tells her that Christie sketches her out too. Holly tells Jackson about the thinks that Kat told her and tells him that she is worried that she is doing Christie’s dirty work.

We then get a look at Sam blowing up Christie’s game to Jackson. Jackson then goes to Holly and tells her everything that Sam told him about Christie being okay with Jack or Jackson going home when Cliff was HOH. Holly is mad that she didn’t put Nicole up instead because now she feels like she got suckered by Christie. He then tells Jack about it all, but Jack doesn’t believe that Christie will take a shot at the six yet.

Julie talks to the HGs about how it’s been living in the house away from their loved ones. Talk then turns to the HGs flash mob from the live feeds last night and Julie shows the HGs the footage from the feeds. It is time for the live voting to begin! Here is how each HG voted in tonight’s eviction:

  • Christie – Sam
  • Nicole – Sam
  • Jackson – Sam
  • Jack – Sam
  • Nick – Sam
  • Analyse – Sam
  • Jessica – Sam
  • Cliff – Sam
  • Tommy – Sam

Sam is unanimously evicted from the Big Brother house. The new HOH will be named shortly, but first, for the next 8 days, you can choose three HGs to go on a field trip and compete in a special comp! The winner will get safety for the week, the loser will be on the block as a third nominee and second place will receive a punishment. Who will you choose? Make sure you vote right here! 

Before the HOH, the HGs are told that they have all at least made it to jury. In this comp, the HGs will have to study ads for different camps and then asked a series of true or false questions. If they answer correctly, they move on and if they answer wrong they will be eliminated. We won’t see who wins on tonight’s show, but I will have results for you as soon as the feeds come back!

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