Tonight on Big Brother 21, we will watch as Jackson chooses four HGs to banish from the game. Those four HGs will then battle it out, head-to-head and whoever loses will go home! After that, we will watch as the remaining 15 Big Brother HGs compete in the first HOH of the summer! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother!

We start tonight’s episode off with Jackson talking to all the HGs in the house. They are all trying to plead their case to Jackson so that they aren’t banished from the Big Brother 21 house. Jackson, Isabella, and Jack are all talking in the lounge and the three of them kind of form a small alliance. After talking to most of the house, Jackson calls David into the lounge to talk privately. He tells David that he wants to put him into this comp as a pawn. He thinks that he is a strong competitor and tells David that he is going to put him up against three people that he knows David could beat. David tells him that he doesn’t want to go in, but Jackson tells him that he might have to anyway.

Julie calls the HGs into the living room, it is time for Jackson to choose his four banished HGs. They are:

  1. Cliff
  2. Kemi
  3. Jessica
  4. David

All four HGs were taken away in a giant burlap sack by a giant squirrel. Which was pretty funny to watch, not going to lie. Cliff, Kemi, Jessica, and Cliff all head into the backyard to compete for a spot back in the house. They have to compete in the dark and find their way back into the house. They are navigating through a “forest” and eat tree has an entrance that takes them into a room with an obstacle or back into the BB house.

Here is the order the HGs re-entered the Big Brother house:

  1. Cliff
  2. Kemi
  3. Jessica

David is told that he can stop searching because the other three HGs have made it back into the Big Brother house. He is told that he is out of the Big Brother house, for now.

Tommy and Christie finally have a chance to talk alone. They talk about how the rest of the HGs can’t know that they know each other. They also talk about having each other’s back in this game.

Meanwhile, Jackson (who they are calling Michie), Jack, and Nick are all talking about trying to get some of the others into an alliance. Michie knows that he upset Jessica when he banished her and he is trying to get some numbers on his side. Christie, Holly, and Isabella are the three girls they want to bring into this alliance and they all agree to it.

It is now time for the HOH! Jackson will not be competing, everyone else will be paired up and put up on a log. They will have have to hold on with dear life and the last person on their log will win. Michie, as Camp Director, gets to pick the pairs. When he is done, the pairs get onto their logs.

Jessica is the first to fall, Jack is down second, and Kathryn is down third. Nick falls fourth, Ovi falls fifth on purpose. Sam is down sixth, Kemi is down seventh, and Cliff and Isabella are close behind them. Nicole is down leaving Tommy, Analyse, Holly, and Christie still on their logs. Analyse is down, followed by Holly and finally, Tommy falls. That means that Christie is our first HOH of the season!

Find out Sunday who Christie will nominate for eviction and the new Wack-tivity comp!

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