After over a week of voting, it is now time to find out which of the Big Brother 21 HGs will be competing in America’s Field Trip. The winner of this comp will receive safety for the week, the HG that comes in second will get a punishment for the week and the HG that loses tonight will become a special third nominee. If you don’t want to wait for the results, you can check out our Big Brother spoilers for all the details. Otherwise, keep refreshing this page for all the details!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother off where Thursday’s episode ended, with Tommy’s HOH win. Kat tells us that Tommy winning HOH was her worst-case scenario. Jackson and Holly are worried that Tommy might come after them, but Holly also thinks that Cliff could be a target of Tommy’s as well.

Jackson has a chance to talk to Tommy and Tommy tells him that there is a good chance that his target this week is going to be someone outside of the Six Shooters. He says that getting one of them out is bad for his game, but Jackson is okay with that because that means he won’t be going on the block, however, he doesn’t want to have to work with Christie either.

Tommy is going over his plan for nominations with Christie and he tells her that he plans to put Kat and Cliff up and might even use the POV to take Cliff down and put Nicole up in his place if things start to look like Cliff might be going. Tommy gets to talk to Cliff a bit and Cliff is trying to convince Tommy not to put him up, but Tommy already plans to.

Kat is worried that she is screwed this week because she isn’t really working with Christie and Tommy and they want to get the Six back together. Jackson tells her that she has his vote up against anyone unless it’s Holly. However, because Tommy tried to vote her out the week before and she isn’t feeling very safe. She goes to talk to Tommy and she tells us that she knows he is lying to her and he tells us that she is playing all sides of the house, so she has to go up.

The HGs get called into the living room for what Christie thinks is a luxury comp. They are told that America has been voting for three HGs to compete in America’s Field Trip. They are told that the winner will get safety, the second place HG will get a punishment and the HG in third place will be put up as the third nom. Jackson, Analyse, and Christie are all picked and Jackson knows that it’s because they are the least liked in the house. Christie is crying because she knows that as well.

Analyse tells Tommy that she wonders if she should throw this comp because in order to make sure that Kat goes home because she thinks that she could have the votes to stay. Christie knows that she will get voted out if she ends up on the block, she will be voted out.

In this competition, the HGs will have to get an egg from the outside of a chicken coop and slowly maneuver it to a hole in the coop. They then have to roll the egg down a ramp and use it to knock down letters that spell the word “safe.” The first HG to get it wins safety, the second gets a punishment and the third becomes a special third nominee for this week. The entire comp, the HGs talked about how much America hates them and Analyse refuses to believe it.

Analyse is trying to throw this comp, but Christie isn’t making that easy to do because she is doing really bad also. Jackson comes up with this idea that he can shake the eggs and scramble the egg yolk a bit, it rolls easier. Jackson manages to get all of the letters down first, while Analyse has only one letter and Christie hasn’t had any progress at all. Christie finally gets a letter down and Jackson asks Analyse how many she has and when Analyse looks over, Jackson makes a shaking motion telling her to shake the egg. Analyse gets the rest of her letters down which means she gets a punishment this week and Christie goes up as a third nominee!

Jackson and Holly are celebrating in the storage room. Meanwhile, Cliff and Nicole are talking about how Christie on the block is the perfect setup because they have the votes to get her out. The only problem would be if she pulled herself off with the POV. Analyse is telling Tommy that she tried so hard to throw the comp, but Christie wasn’t doing anything and she couldn’t keep missing on purpose or people would have known. Christie comes into the room and she tells them and Nick that she is scared. Nick tells her that if he plays in the POV and wins, he will take her down.

We then get a look at Analyse’s punishment. She is dressed as a chicken and Nicole is terrified (she has a fear of birds). Analyse goes and gives her a hug. Kat goes to talk to Tommy and Tommy is really confused about what to do at this point because, with Christie on the block, he isn’t sure that his original noms would work out.

It is time for the nomination ceremony, Jackson can not be nominated and Christie has already been put on the block. Tommy has chosen Cliff and Kat to join her on the block this week. Tommy tells them that he loves them both, but he fears a player that has great working relationships with everyone in the house. Kat starts to cry but Cliff thinks that if they can keep Christie on the block, he and Kat will be just fine this week.

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