Tonight on Big Brother 21 we will watch as Tommy, Christie, Cliff, and Kat are joined by two more HGs in this years OTEV POV comp! Who will join them in the POV comp? Which HG will win and will the POV be used this week on Big Brother? Refresh this page to get all the details and if you can’t wait, you can get all the details in our Big Brother spoilers!

We started tonight’s episode off with the Nomination Ceremony fall out. Kat is hysterically crying because she thought that she and Tommy were good. Tommy tells us that his target this week is Kat, but with Christie being the third nominee this week, he has to win the Veto to take her down. Nick is promising Christie that if he wins POV, he is going to take her down.

Meanwhile, Jessica goes to try and console Kat. Kat is upset because last week went so well and now two of their alliance members are on the block. Jackson comes in and gives Kat a huge hug and tells Kat that he would love to play for her if she gets HG Choice. He leaves and Jessica tells her not to pick him, she tells Jessica she isn’t stupid and she is picking Jessica. Cliff comes in and tells her that they can win the POV and keep Christie on the block and that’s what they need to focus on. Meanwhile, Christie is crying because she is on the block because America put her there.

We get a series of clips of Nick and Tommy flirting with each other and cuddling. After that, Tommy gets his announcement that he is finished with his punishment for the week! Now it’s time to pick players for the Veto! Because there are three nominees, Tommy is going to pick both chips. If one of the nominees gets picked, it’s HG Choice. Christie’s name gets picked and she chooses Nick to play for her and then Cliff’s name gets picked and he chooses Jackson to play for him.

We get a look at a conversation between Jackson and Analyse about how this is a golden opportunity to get Christie out of the house if she stays on the block. Analyse reminds that Christie is a huge target in the house and as long as she is there, the other side will go after her and not him. He tells us that he would rather play in traffic than work with Christie again.

It is time for the OTEV competition! He is a paranoid pigeon this season and after asking the HGs why they are staring at him, he sends his pigeon friends in and they get pooped on. We all know how OTEV works, however, in case you don’t, it’s like a musical chairs comp where they are asked questions and they have to slide down and find the answer to a riddle. They then have to run back up to a stump in front of OTEV and the last one up there is eliminated each round. Here is who was eliminated each round:

  1.  Jackson was eliminated.
  2. Cliff was eliminated.
  3. Christie was eliminated.
  4. Kat was eliminated.
  5. Nick was eliminated.

Which means that Tommy won the POV! During round two of the comp, Kat raced up to the stump right past Cliff and felt terrible about eliminated him in the comp. At the POV Ceremony, Tommy uses the POV to take Christie off the block and because she was a special nominee, there was no replacement nominee named.

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