Tonight we will watch as the remainder of the HOH comp plays out on Big Brother 21 and find out which HG is in power for Week 8! We will then find out which two HGs they nominate for eviction at the Nomination Ceremony. If you don’t want to wait for the results, you can get them in our Big Brother spoilers. Otherwise, keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 21!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother off with the Slip and Slide HOH comp! During the HOH, we got some flashbacks on Jessica stirring the pot telling Analyse about how she knows about the alliance and that Jackson told Holly Analyse has been flirting with him. Analyse goes to tell Christie this and Holly is outside the door while she does. Holly walks into the room and asks them if she looked like Willie Nelson (her hair was in braids) and Analyse tells her that she isn’t happy with her. Meanwhile, a crowd is outside the door listening. Jessica walks by and calls them all nosey and walks right into the room and tells them there is an audience outside the room.

We go back to the HOH comp where the HGs are slipping and sliding around. Jackson is killing this comp, but Christie and Holly are right behind him. Jackson is having issues with the suspenders of his costume and when he takes them off, his pants start to fall and he ends up finishing this comp in his underwear. In the end, the pantless wonder takes a huge lead and ends up winning the HOH.

Jackson tells us that his initial instinct is to put Christie on the block next to Analyse but then says that he is putting her up next to literally anyone else in the house. Jackson thinks that his best option is Analyse because she is a vote for Christie and he can’t chance putting one of his potential voters on the block with her.

Christie, Analyse and Tommy are talking about what Jackson might do. Christie and Analyse are nervous that they could go up, but they know Tommy is good this week. Tommy tells us in the DR that he has been telling them that they needed to stop being so vocal about targeting them and start mending relationships, but they didn’t listen. Cliff tells Jackson about part of his deal with Christie and the rest that Jackson didn’t know before. Cliff told Jackson that targeting Holly and Jackson if he won HOH this week as part of the deal. Jackson is not happy to hear this but now knows that he has to make a big move if he wants to stay in the house.

We then get a look at Jackson and all of his analogies. After this, we get a look at Christie’s talk with Jackson before the nominations. She is telling him that she wasn’t the only one in this deal with Cliff. She tells him that they came to her with this deal (what they didn’t show was Analyse telling him that she was in the room when her, Nick, and Christie came up with the idea). He tells Christie that he would have been more surprised if she didn’t take the deal.

We then get a look at Christie talking about where she lives compared to where Tommy lives and we get a look at Tommy in the DR saying that she must be forgetting that they don’t want everyone to know that they know each other. Oh look, it’s the conversation between Analyse and Jackson where Analyse tells Jackson that Christie, Nick, and Analyse came up with the deal and Nick ran with it. He tells Analyse that he doesn’t blame her for taking the deal. Jackson tells Analyse that she won’t be going this week because that doesn’t help his game, but he tells us that doesn’t mean that she won’t be on the block.

We get a look at Analyse preparing eggs and acting like a chicken as part of her punishment from America’s Field Trip. At the end of the segment, Analyse’s punishment ends and Tommy literally rips the costume off her. After this, we get to watch Jackson’s one on one with Nick prior to the nominations and Nick doesn’t say a lot of anything. He just kind of nods and says yea a few times.

Jackson and Holly get to talk and he fills her in on everything he has learned in his talks. They think that Analyse and Christie are his best options, but they have to get rid of Nick sooner rather than later.

It is time to find out who Jackson decided on for this week’s noms! He decided to nominate Christie and Analyse this week. He tells them both that he knows that if he didn’t win the HOH key, he would have been one of the keys in the nomination block. He also tells them that they are both big threats to him and his game.

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