Tonight we will watch as Jackson, Christie, and Analyse are joined by three other HGs in the Power of Veto comp on Big Brother 21! Find out which HGs are playing in the POV, who wins the POV and if the POV is used right here! Keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother and join in the conversation below.

We started this episode of Big Brother off with the fallout from the nomination ceremony. Jackson tells us that he needs to win the POV or else his game could be in jeopardy especially if Christie comes down. Jackson tells Analyse and Christie that if they have any questions, he is more than happy to answer them. He tells them that this is not personal, they are just the biggest threats in the game.

Christie and Analyse go into the bedroom, Tommy comes in to talk, but Holly follows behind him and things are definitely awkward. Holly says that she had no idea which way today was going to go. After Holly leaves, Analyse flips her off and tells Christie and Tommy that she knew exactly what was going to happen. Tommy goes to talk to Jackson and Tommy tells him that he plans to fight for the Veto and then he and Jackson can talk from there. Jackson tells us that if Analyse comes down, Tommy might have to go up to ensure Christie goes home.

Jessica is talking to Christie and Analyse. Jessica wants to see Christie take herself off the block because that means she has an ally in the house. Christie tells them that Kat told her that Nick was working with Holly and Jackson.

Analyse goes to talk to Nick and asks him if he would throw the POV to Christie if she is out. He tells her that he wouldn’t because he doesn’t think she would stay if Christie came off the block. Nick joins her, Christie and Tommy as Analyse tells Christie that what Nick just told her. Christie asks Nick if he plans to use the POV if he wins it and he tells her that he is, but he will probably use it on Analyse. Christie says that it’s sketchy he wouldn’t use it on her knowing she is the target.

It is time to pick players for the Veto! Jackson picks Cliff, Christie picks Nick, and Analyse picks Holly. This puts a lot of pressure on Analyse and Christie to win it on their own. Christie is going on an anti-Nick rant to Tommy after the POV player draw and Christie and Analyse are convinced that he is not going to use the POV if he wins. Tommy goes to talk to Nick and asks him if he made a deal with Jackson and Holly. Nick is upset now because everyone is accusing him of being untrustworthy.

It is time for the POV comp! In this competition, the HGs will have to take 10 ocean creatures to sea structure on the other side of their lane and put them up. The bars have to be balanced in order for the creatures to stay on it. This competition doesn’t seem as easy as it looks. Jackson was close to winning, but all of his sea creatures fell off and he has to start over. He does get them back on very quickly and Christie’s all fall as he is finishing up. He gets them all up and runs to his buzzer. Jackson wins the POV and Analyse and Christie are pissed because they know the noms will stay the same.

After the POV, Holly and Tommy realize that they are both wearing red bathing suites and Jessica makes a comment that they look like lifeguards. Holly and Tommy then start frolicking around the kitchen acting like they are on Baywatch and Christie goes to the RV room and tells Analyse that she is happy that Tommy can have fun after she lost the POV and will probably go home. When Tommy walks in, Analyse gives him a hard time about it too. She then heads up to the HN room to cry by herself. Tommy goes up to talk to Christie. You can tell she is stressing him out.

Christie is trying to make deals with Jackson and Holly to keep them safe until F5 if they decided to keep her in the house. Christie and Holly are both crying and Jackson is just sitting there with a straight face.

It is time for the POV meeting, Jackson does not use the POV and Christie and Analyse remain on the block. Make sure you come back tomorrow to find out which of them is evicted and sent to Jury!

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