Tonight on Big Brother 21, we will watch as another HG is evicted from the Big Brother house and sent to join Jack and Kathryn in the Jury house. Will it be Jackson’s target for the week, Christie? Or will it be the pawn, Analyse? Keep refreshing this page to get all the details and join in the conversation below as I recap tonight’s episode live right here!

We started this episode off with the fallout from the POV Ceremony. We get a look at Christie talking about blowing up Nick’s game to Tommy. Christie goes to talk to Jackson and tells him that she is going after Nick and not Jackson or Holly this week. She tells Jackson that Nick is a manipulator and he is going to skate to the end. Jackson mentions Taco Tuesday and Christie goes down to talk to Tommy, Nicole, and Jessica and she tells them that she is going to blow up his game at dinner. Nick is listening outside the RV room while she is laying it all out.

Nick goes to talk to Jackson and they go back and forth about Christie campaigning against Nick this week. Meanwhile, Jackson is encouraging them both to go at each other. Nick goes to the DR and we go to commercial.

When we get back, Nick comes out of the DR and goes right upstairs to tell Christie to keep his name out of her mouth. It turns into a huge argument where Christie thinks she is exposing Nick’s game, but everyone knows what Nick’s game has been.

Holly and Jackson talk about what they should do this week and Holly tells him that she needs Nick out. He has too many people on his side and if they get Analyse out, that’s one less number for Nick. She is worried that if she keeps Analyse in the house, they won’t have the numbers to get Nick out, but if they keep Christie in the house, she will take the shot at Nick or at the very least, be a number against him.

It is time for the live vote and eviction! Here is how the votes landed:

  • Jessica – Analyse
  • Nick – Christie
  • Tommy – Analyse
  • Holly – Analyse
  • Nicole – Analyse
  • Cliff – Analyse

With a vote of 5-1, Analyse has been evicted from the Big Brother house!

After Analyse’s exit, we find out that the HGs were getting bird sounds all night for what they thought was this week’s HOH comp, but little did they know, Prank Week had already started! Before the HOH, the HGs are informed that America will be voting to prank the HOH.

In the real HOH comp, the HGs will be rolling a ball down a plank, under the plank is are numbered slots and where the HGs ball, will be there score. The HGs with the two lowest scores will have punishments this week, the HGs with the highest will win HOH!

  • Holly rolls a 50 (the highest you can get)
  • Cliff rolls an 18
  • Nick rolls a 34
  • Nicole rolls an 18
  • Christie rolls a 21
  • Jessica rolls a 3
  • Tommy rolls a 41

Holly has won this week’s HOH! Jessica, Nicole, and Cliff will all get punishments this week!

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