Tonight on Big Brother 21 we will watch as the HGs learn about the new twist called America’s Prankster. We will watch as the HGs receive the new on if they won and then after that, we will watch as the Nomination Ceremony takes place on Big Brother. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode and join in the conversation below!

We start tonight’s episode of Big Brother off with the fallout from eviction night and the HOH competition. We get a look at Christie campaigning to Cliff asking him if he would vote to keep Christie if she can get Jackson and Holly on board with keeping her. He tells her to get them on board and he will vote with them and how that transpired into Christie staying over Analyse.

We go back to after the HOH took place and Holly is nervous that she doesn’t have control over who goes home this week, but she decides that she is going to put Nick and Christie on the block with Nick as her target this week. Jackson jokes about going home on her HOH and she tells him he isn’t funny.

Nicole, Jessica, and Nicole get their punishment for the week and are told that this week they will be making pies when prompted and smash them in the faces of the HGs they are told to. To kick things off, they are told to make pies and smash them into their own faces, then into each other’s faces, then into their own faces in slow motion. There is also a clip of them pieing people in the middle of the night.

We then get a look at Holly talking to Christie about her going up as a pawn this week. Christie is telling them that she would prefer not to, but if she can assure her that she would have the votes to stay, then sure. She tells us in the DR that Holly wanting to put her up as a pawn already was not a good way to prove to her that they want to work with her in the end. After Christie leaves, Jackson and Holly are talking about Christie’s reaction and how Holly isn’t comfortable with the way she reacted. They then talk about the possibility of backdooring Nick and putting Jessica and Christie up on the block and worst case, if whoever wins the POV doesn’t use it, Christie will just go.

We get a video clip of Jackson and his watermelon obsession.

After that, we watch as the HGs are woken up and told to go to the bathroom. They are all confused and half asleep, but they comply and then they are all told “gotcha! Head to the living room!” Holly has a card and reads it off, the HGs are told that Holly will only be naming one nominee for eviction this week and the HG who received the most votes and wins America’s Prankster would be secretly naming the other nominee. If the Prankster’s nominee comes off the block, they will also be secretly naming the replacement nominee.

Now that Holly is only naming one nominee, Holly is trying to smooth things over with Christie by telling her that she is happy that she only has to name one nominee and doesn’t have to use her as a pawn. Nick goes to talk to Holly and tells her that if he wins the POV and America’s Prankster puts Jackson up, he will take her down. Holly asks him if it’s someone else, will he still do that and he tells her that as long as he isn’t on the block, he will.

We get a video montage of Christie’s obnoxious eating habits. After that, we watch as Nick finds out that he has been voted by America to be America’s Prankster. Nick is trying to play it off like he didn’t get it, but he says something about him going up next to Christie and that turns on a lightbulb with Nicole. Nick tells us that he is contemplating either Christie or Jackson as his nominee because if he ends up on the block, it would be nice to have a big target next to him.

It is now time for the Nomination Ceremony! Holly nominates Nick for eviction this week and America’s Prankster (AKA Nick) nominates Christie.

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