Prank Week in the Big Brother 21 house continues tonight when the HGs get a visit by our favorite Big Brother robot, Zingbot! We will then watch as the HGs compete in the Power of Veto competition. Will the Power of Veto be used on Nick or Christie this week? If you don’t want to wait to find out, check out our Big Brother spoilers to find out. Otherwise, keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 21.

We start this episode off with the fallout from the POV Ceremony. Holly and Jackson are talking about how great it is that it’s Nick and Christie on the block. Jackson asks Holly if she gets HG Choice, who is she going to pick and she tells him that she is going to pick Jackson.

Christie knows that Nick is the Prankster, she tells us that she reads energy and it’s clear to her that it’s him. Meanwhile, he is telling her that he would be happy for her if she won POV and then telling us that clearly he doesn’t want her to win, he is just trying to cover his butt.

Cliff, Nicole, and Jessica are told to make pies and get everyone in the face with a pie. Nick is in the DR and tells them that he has to stay in there as long as possible so he doesn’t get hit. He asks if he doesn’t get hit because he is in there and then all of a sudden, Nicole comes in with a pie and nails him in the face! They all then start hitting each other in the face with pies.

It is now time to pick POV players. When Holly goes to pick, she sticks her hand in the chip box and it’s all slimy. She picks HG Choice and chooses Jackson, Nick picks Cliff, and Christie chooses Jessica. Christie tells Jackson that she is going to gun for it and take herself off, Jackson tells her that he wants to win it too. Holly says that they are all okay as long as Nick doesn’t win it. After Christie leaves the HOH room, Holly says that she thinks it’s funny that Christie thinks she is off the hook for being their pawn when they need her to be. Jackson tells us, Holly didn’t put her up, someone else did.

All the HGs are hanging out in the living room when Zingbot opens the door and comes into the living room. Zingbot starts with calling them all the biggest group of f****** losers he’s ever seen. He tells Tommy that he reminds him of someone from his favorite musical Little Shop of Attention Whores with all his singing and dancing this season. He tells Nicole that she is afraid of birds, but she has been living with an old buzzard all season named Holly. Christie is told that she sure got loud on taco Tuesday and he isn’t talking about her fighting, he’s talking about her chewing. Mani-feast!

He tells the HGs that he forgot he had something for one of them. It’s a present for Nick and it’s a bowl and Zingbot tells him it’s time for a new haircut and puts it on his head. He goes back to Nicole and tells her it must be tough for her in the Big Brother house with no friends, boyfriend or contact with the outside world and then says that she should feel right at home!

Zingbot then says that there is one HG that is very voluptuous and quite busty and says pleased to finally meet you…Cliff! He moves onto Jessica and says that with the game she is playing this summer, fans are already planning a convention in her honor called Snooze Fest! He then goes to Jackson, puts his hand out to introduce himself and asks him what he should call him, Jackson, Michie, or Pompous Douche Bag.

Zingbot then tells them that he is on the run after being kicked out of office. Then all of a sudden a “cop” comes in to arrest Zingbot. The cop tells us in the DR that he got lucky that Zingbot would hide out in a place under constant surveillance.

It is now time for the HGs to help Zingbot get out of Zingatentury. They will be doing a hanging puzzle where they use cords to maneuver a pole. They will use the pole to bring balls up the puzzle to knock out cameras. Christie and Cliff are having a really hard time, Holly and Jessica are doing better, but are moving very slowly. Nick was in the lead for a while, but Jackson was right behind him. In the end, Jackson ends up winning the POV after taking the lead from Nick.

Nick is frustrated that he lost and Jackson comes into the Boat Room to apologize to Nick. Nick tells Jackson that he didn’t need to win it, Jackson tells him that he didn’t know who was going to go up, and Nick tells him it wasn’t going to be him. Jackson has put two and two together and realizes that Nick is the Prankster. Jackson goes upstairs and tells Holly, but tells her that they can’t tell anyone. Christie comes up to the HOH and Jackson tells her that he isn’t going to use it but she isn’t going anywhere.

Nick is talking to Tommy and tells Tommy that he is the Prankster. He tells Tommy that if he wanted Jackson up, he would have put him up. He tells Tommy that he put Christie up because he thought he could beat her in a vote.

It is time for the POV meeting and right before the POV meeting, there is an announcement for Cliff, Jessica, and Nicole to make three pies and hit Jackson with all of them. He gets Cliff’s and Jessica’s but hits Nicole’s out of her hand and it ends up all over the wall behind them. The POV meeting continues and Jackson tells them that he has decided not to use the POV this week. Come back tomorrow to find out if Nick or Christie are evicted from the Big Brother house!

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