Tonight on Big Brother 21 we will watch as Christie picks her nominees, but everything could go very wrong during her HOH. A new twist will be introduced tonight in the form of a new comp called the Whacktivity Comp. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother. If you don’t want to wait, you can find out who Christie nominated, you can get that information with our Big Brother spoilers!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother off with the aftermath of the HOH comp. Ovi and Christie are talking and Ovi tells her congrats and that he really feels good about her being in the HOH. He is trying to be as nice as possible to her, which is coming off kind of creepy. Meanwhile, Kathryn and Analyse are talking and Kathryn is telling her that she is kind of nervous because she was one of the first ones to fall.

The girls are all talking about how they don’t trust Jack, but they trust Jackson. Isabella is in the room though and she is in an alliance with them so she goes to talk to Christie, Holly, and Nick. Analyse joins the conversation and they are all talking about how Kathryn thinks she has Jackson wrapped around her finger. Christie is talking about getting Kathryn out because she is running her mouth already. Nick mentions using Cliff as a pawn because he is likable.

Christie is talking to Cliff about Kathryn and wanting to put her up because of her constant paranoia. Cliff tells us that he is not okay with going on the block, but he tells her that he understands why she wants to use him and tells her that he trusts her. Christie tells Kathryn that Cliff is going to be an easy target because he is the older guy, but she needs a pawn. Christie tells Kathryn that if it ends up being her and Cliff on the block, to be cool about it.

Jack, Tommy, and Nick are all talking about their alliance in the room where Cliff is sleeping and Ovi appears to be sleeping but isn’t. Ovi tells Analyse that he heard this conversation and she goes into damage control. Analyse tells Christie and Jack about what Ovi tells her and Christie is freaking out a little because it’s only a week into the game and their alliance is going to be blown up.

The HGs all hear a bugle and run to the living room. They are told to go out to the yard and put their Whacktivity! Chaos, Panic, and Nightmare are the three Whacktivity choices. They get to choose their category and then they are told when they will be competing. Kathryn, Cliff, Nicole, Isabella, and Ovi all compete in this week’s comp, the others will compete within the next two weeks.

In this week’s Nightmare Whacktivity, they will have to smell what’s inside three trash cans and label them correctly. Whoever gets them all correct will win a special power. After the first round, no one gets them all correct so they have to go onto another round. After the second round, no one got all three of them correct so they went onto a third round. After the third round, Ovi wins the competition!

When they get back into the house, Ovi finds out that his Nightmare Power will allow him to use his Nightmare Power which would allow him to force the HOH to redo her nominations after the noms ceremony. The original noms would be safe for the week.

After the Whacktivity Comp, Christie is talking to a bunch of people about noms. Kemi comes in and starts throwing Ovi’s name around. This makes Christie think that Kemi should be the target.

We end this episode off with the nomination ceremony. Christie names Kathryn and Cliff as the nominees for week 1. She tells them that this isn’t anything personal, she wanted it to be as fair as possible. So she picked a guy and a girl. Christie tells us that she isn’t sure she wants them both to stay on the block though, she might have another plan.

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