It is Double Eviction Night in the Big Brother 21 house! Not one, but two HGs will become the next members of the Big Brother jury by the end of this episode! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 21 and join in the conversation in the comments below!

Tonight I’m going to do something a little different with my live recap. I’m going to cut out all the filler and just give details on the first eviction, HOH, Noms, POV comp, and Ceremony and then the second eviction. Ready? Here we go!

First Eviction Vote:

  • Holly – Jessica
  • Nicole – Jessica
  • Christie – Jessica
  • Tommy – Jessica

Jessica is the first HG to be evicted tonight on Big Brother 21!


In this HOH comp, the HGs will have to build an ice rink puzzle, once it’s finished they have to use a hockey stick to shoot a ball into a net at the other end. The first HG to finish the puzzle and make a goal will win HOH.

  • Nicole wins her first competition of the season!


  • Christie
  • Tommy


What The Bleep! In this POV comp, the HGs will have to watch a video of something one of their former housemates said and it will have a bleeped out phrase. They will have to determine if what Julie tells them is the bleeped out phrase is true or false. The HG with the most points after seven rounds will win the POV. The winner of this POV is:

  • Cliff

POV Ceremony:

Cliff did not use the POV and kept the noms the same. Christie and Tommy remain on the block.

Second Eviction Vote:

  • Jackson – Christie
  • Holly – Christie
  • Cliff – Christie

With three votes to evict, Christie is the second evictee of the night! Stay tuned for HOH results coming up a little later tonight!

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