We are in the F5 of Big Brother 21 and it is time for the BB Comics Power of Veto Comp! With Jackson in the HOH and Cliff and Tommy on the block, it is do or die for some of the HGs. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 21.

We started this episode of Big Brother off with the aftermath of the nomination ceremony. Jackson tells us that Tommy is more his target because he has a F4 with Holly, Cliff, and Nicole. Cliff tells us that as long as anyone but Tommy wins the POV then he should be the one going home. Tommy is hanging out in the HN room by himself talking about how Cliff, Nicole, Holly, and Jackson seem to be a thing and he has seen it for weeks now.

We then see Tommy in the HOH room talking to Holly about Christie leaving. She tells him that she never trusted Christie and even when she did trust her, she really didn’t trust her. Holly goes on a rant about how Christie is a sociopath and must have believed her own lies. Holly is still going on and on about how she felt about Holly. Jackson tells Tommy that the entire game, Christie went against everything she said.

You can tell Tommy is conflicted about this and is trying not to spill too much information. Tommy then tells them that he knew Christie before the show and now Holly feels bad for talking so much trash about Christie. He goes on about how she was in his family for seven years, Christmas, Thanksgiving, every year. He explains that he knows her entire family. Jackson and Holly are giving him props for being able to keep it a secret, Jackson tells us that means that Tommy can’t go to F2 and he has to go because now they know he has Christie’s vote.

It is time for BB Comics! The HGs will have to fly down a zipline and remember the series of comics in the window and put them up on the wall in the correct order. There are two comics for each HG so they have to make sure they pick the right one. Jackson is up first, Tommy goes second, Holly is up third, Cliff goes fourth and Nicole goes last.

  • Jackson finished in 15:59
  • Tommy finished in 14:21
  • Holly finished in 38:22
  • Cliff finished in 26:32
  • Nicole finished in 10:58

With a time of 10:58, Nicole has won this week’s POV and her second comp for the season! Cliff tells Nicole that they are final 4 because of her! Nicole tells Cliff that he is not going to be on the block come eviction night and Cliff mentions that Holly has never been on the block. She says, she will be now. Jackson is thrilled that Nicole won the POV, but then realizes that if Nicole uses it on Cliff, Holly goes up.

Jackson goes to Holly and asks her if she thinks Nicole and Cliff would do that and now she is freaking out. Jackson tells her that it makes more sense for Nicole and Cliff to take her out and then Jackson next week and take Tommy to F3. Jackson doesn’t think they will do it, but it is a possibility. Jackson is trying to calm Holly down.

Nicole and Cliff are talking about how they are F4 and Jackson can’t compete in the next HOH. Nicole brings up that it might be a good time to take out Holly and break up the showmance. Nicole tells Jackson that she plans to use the POV on Cliff, but says that there will be no funny business. Jackson tells them that he didn’t think there would be and that she earned it and she can do with it what she will. Nicole tells us that she needs to make sure that Jackson and Holly don’t get wind of them thinking about evicting her so things don’t blow up. Holly joins the conversation and Nicole tells her the same thing about how there won’t be any funny business, but she does intend to use it.

Nicole tells Tommy that she plans on using the POV on Cliff, which would result in Holly going up. She tells him that she wants him here and to move forward with him and Cliff. She tells him that she is going to try and work some magic. They have a conversation about how Nicole is going to talk to Cliff some more and Tommy mentions that Jackson and Holly lived in this HOH the entire summer. Then Jackson walks in the door and the conversation changes.

Nicole talks to Cliff about the idea of breaking up Holly and Jackson. Cliff tells us that he is worried about Holly being so close to Jackson, but also worries about competing against Tommy.

It is time for the POV Ceremony. Nicole uses the POV on Cliff which means that Jackson was forced to put Holly on the block in his place.

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