Tonight on Big Brother 21, we will get to check out the Jury house and what all the Jurors have been up to since arriving being evicted from the Big Brother house. We will then watch as Jackson uses the POV on himself and either Holly or Cliff are evicted and the other secures a spot in Final 3 on Big Brother 21! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother and make sure you come back for our Big Brother spoilers to find out who

We started this episode off with Jackson telling Nicole that he intends to evict Cliff after winning the final POV. Cliff comes outside and the conversation changes. Nicole comes into the house and Jackson follows her and asks if they can talk. They head up to the HOH room and Jackson tells her that after last week with Cliff and Nicole contemplating keeping Tommy over Holly last week. She tells him not to use last week as an excuse for this week and he tells her that he isn’t. She calls herself a dumbass because she knew this was going to happen. He asks her to keep this between them, but Nicole tells Cliff.

We get a look at the Jury house and Nick and Jessica joining the Jury house. We then see that Nick and Kat are in some kind of Jurymance. I wonder how Bella feels about that! Christie then walks through the door and everyone is shocked to see her. Christie shows them her video and during it, Nick and Christie go at it. Christie gets emotional watching the Veto knowing that she second-guessed herself and lost which got her evicted.

We then see Tommy walk into the house and the HGs are freaking out that it’s him. Christie is crying hysterically. Before Tommy shows his video, he has to tell Christie that he told Jackson and Holly about them knowing each other. Christie and Tommy tell the Jurors that they have known each other. Christie tells them that she dated one of his family members for 7 years and her and Tommy went to elementary school together. Nick is pissed and feels even more betrayed now.

We then go back to the Big Brother house and watch as Cliff makes his final pitch to Jackson. He knows that he is dead in the water, but Cliff tells Jackson that he is upset that Jackson was expecting Cliff to hold up the deal if he won POV. However, it wasn’t until after the POV that Jackson decided to go against their deal. Cliff threatens Jackson with the Jury votes and tells him that if Jackson takes Holly to F2, he will lose Nicole, Cliff, and a lot more jury votes than that. Jackson is pissed that they would give Holly the $500k just because he lied to them about a F3 deal.

It is now time for the POV Ceremony and eviction! Jackson stands and gives his speech and says that he is using the POV on himself. Cliff is the only renom choice so he takes a seat next to Holly. They do their eviction speeches and Jackson casts his sole vote to evict Cliff.

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