Tonight we will watch as the Final 3 on Big Brother 21 compete in the first round of the final HOH on Big Brother! If you don’t want to wait to find out the results of tonight’s competition, you can get the results of R1 and R2 with our Big Brother spoilers. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother and join in the conversation in the comments below.

Due to the football game, we are getting a delayed start. Big Brother 21 is set to start at 8:47 PM EST. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

We started this episode off with a look at what happened after the eviction on Thursday night. Nicole is now alone inside the Big Brother house with a showmance. Jackson tells Nicole that he hopes his speech didn’t come off as personal digs. He then starts playing up that no one in the Jury likes him, but Nicole knows he is just doing this with the hopes that if she won final HOH, she would take him to F2 with her. Holly is playing up the fact that she knows Jackson’s resume is pretty strong.

We are now getting a look at Jackson’s Big Brother 21 season is a series of clips throughout the season and all the game moves that he has made throughout the season. From his alliances, his comp wins and the moves he made to keep his allies safe.

We then get a look at Nicole’s game throughout the season. She talked about her F2 with Cliff early on in the game and her decision to align with Jackson and Holly. We get a look at her HOH win where she took out Christie and then won the BB Comics which forced Jackson to put Holly on the block. While they didn’t send Holly out the door, here she is in F3…with a showmance.

We then get a look at Holly’s gameplay this season and how her relationship with Jackson helped her get to where she is. She thinks that she has great relationships with people inside the Jury house and she could win this season because of it.

We get a brief Q&A with the F3 from BB20. Kaycee would like to see Nicole win it, Tyler picked Jackson to win it, and JC thinks Holly is going to take the win this season. We then get a look at DR sessions from throughout the season including a lot of crying.

It is time for R1 of the final HOH. They have to cross a rope bridge to the other side, they then have to put together a puzzle in order to open a chest. The chest holds 25 relics that they have to transfer back to their starting area one at a time. When the HGs get to the puzzle, Jackson has a pretty strong lead. Holly finishes her puzzle a little while after, but Nicole continued to struggle with the puzzle for a while after that.

Jackson manages to get all of his relics to the starting area before Holly and Nicole was way behind. Holly had roughly 22 relics placed while Nicole only had 8 placed. Nicole is beating herself up over this loss but is convinced that she will be winning R2 of the final HOH. If you can’t wait for the finale for the results, you can find out who it is right here!

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