Tonight on Big Brother 21 we will watch as Christie, Cliff and Kat all pick plays to play in this week’s Power of Veto. Make sure you stick around to watch as Kaycee Clark, winner of BB20, comes back to host the POV Comp tonight! We know the results and if you don’t want to wait to find out, you can get all the details with our Big Brother spoilers. Otherwise, you can keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 21!

We start tonight’s episode off with a look at the fallout from the nomination ceremony. Christie tells us that even though she put Cliff up as a pawn and Kathryn up next to him, there might be a potential for another HG to become her target. Kathryn thinks she is a pawn, but at this point in the game, she is Christie’s target.

Christie hints to the Gr8ful alliance that she wants them all to go up to the HOH without making it obvious to everyone else. Bella doesn’t catch on, but they realize it’s because she is with Kemi and they are besties in the house. They discuss that Kemi would be a great backup nominee if someone comes off the block.

We then watch Kat and Jackson and their showmance. It starts off with flirting and making out to them up at 3 am the day before the POV is supposed to be played. Christie, Holly, and Analyse are watching them on the screen and see them both walk towards the bathroom and all speculate that they are going to go have sex in the shower. They can’t understand why she isn’t sleeping when she has to fight for her life in the Big Brother house in the morning.

It is time to pick players for the POV!

  • Christie picked Sam
  • Cliff picked HGs Choice and chooses Jack
  • Kathryn picked Nicole

All of a sudden the doorbell rings and it’s Kaycee, the winner from BB20 at the door! This is the Slow-Mo challenge and in this competition, each HG will have to catch food before it hits the floor. The first food to catch is onions in a salad storm, the second is meatballs in marinara sauce, the third food is strawberries while sliding across a table. The HG with the most points after three rounds will win the POV. Here are the results:

  • Christie got 10 points
  • Jack got 20 points
  • Cliff got 0 points
  • Kathryn got 0 points
  • Nicole got 0 points
  • Sam got 21 points

With 21 points, Sam wins the Power of Veto! After the POV Comp is over, Sam has a conversation with Jack and Nick. Nick asks him what he is going to do with it. Sam tells them that he thinks he wants to use it on Cliff, he was banished night one and deserves to be in the house. He also mentions that Kat is a loose cannon.

Jack, Jackson, and Christie are talking about what they are going to do for a renom, Jack says that Kemi needs to go because she has gamed too hard, Jack says that Jess should go next week because she has the whacktivity comp week three, Jack also mentions that Ovi should go week 4. Christie is noticing that Jack is dictating how her HOH should go. Nick tells Bella about Kemi going up and Bella doesn’t think that’s good for her game and she tries to tell Nick that someone else might be a better idea. Nick goes to talk to Christie and is questioning the choice of BDing Kemi this week and that has Christie thinking.

Christie talks to Jack and tells him that she doesn’t know what to do. She tells him that she isn’t putting Kemi up and he tells her that she has to go. Christie tells him that Kemi didn’t do anything to her and it doesn’t help her game. Jack is really pushing Kemi on Christie, but Christie doesn’t want to put her up. She is getting really frustrated with him trying to run her HOH.

Christie tells us that it is too early to BD someone and she isn’t going to do someone else’s dirty work. She tells Tommy and Nicole that Jack is manipulative and she doesn’t want Kemi out. She tells them that she can’t let Jack dictate this game and she is hoping that Sam doesn’t use the Veto. She tells them that she needs to talk to Sam.

Christie tries to talk Sam into not using the POV, but he already promised Cliff that he would use it on him so Sam suggests that Christie put Ovi up instead. he doesn’t mind this idea because Ovi isn’t really close to anyone in the house. It’s a safe move and it doesn’t give Jack what he wants.

It is time for the POV Ceremony. Here is what happened:

  • Sam used the POV on Cliff
  • Christie renoms Ovi
  • Kathryn and Ovi are final nominees this week.

Ovi is blindsided by being the renom, mentions that he can’t use his nightmare power because it has to be done after noms. Make sure you come back tomorrow for the first Live Eviction of the season and another twist will be unleashed!

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