Tonight we will find out if Holly, Tommy, Jack, Michie, or Sam have the Chaos Power in their back pocket on Big Brother 21. After the Whacktivity comp, we will watch as Jack names his nominees for week two. While we don’t know who has the power, we do know which of the HGs Jack nominated for eviction this week. You can get that information with our Big Brother spoilers. Otherwise, you can keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother!

We started this episode off with the HGs freaking out about Ovi and David being in the Big Brother house after being evicted from the house thanks to this Camp Comeback twist. Michie is trying to do damage control with David, but David isn’t going to forgive easily. Then he moved onto doing damage control with Ovi, who kind of believes Michie’s lines.

Michie goes back and tells Jack about his conversation with Ovi and then tells him that Ovi still wants to work with him. Meanwhile, David is getting friendly with Kat and trying to find out what’s going on with all the HGs, alliances and such. Kat is trying to get David on her side, but she really isn’t being smart about it. Kat tells David that there aren’t any alliances, but David is basically telling her she is full of it.

Ovi has a conversation with Nicole and she tells him that Jack didn’t do any campaigning for him, in fact, he went around telling people to make Ovi think that he was safe and then vote him out anyway. This really changes the way he wants to play this game going forward.

It’s time for the Chaos Whacktivity! Michie, Tommy, Jack, Holly, and Sam are playing in this comp. The HGs will have to pull snakes out of a barrel that matches three of the special snakes in containers in front of them. The HG who matches the three snakes the quickest will win the Chaos power. Tommy goes first, Sam goes second, Holly went third, Michie went fourth, and Jack goes last. Jack wins the Chaos Power.

The Chaos Power allows Jack to force a re-draw for the Power of Veto players and it’s good until the F6. Not a helpful power if he is going to be BD’d.

The HGs are then called into the Living Room and on the TV comes Bayleigh, Swaggy C, Brett, and Winston from BB20. They get to see a preview of the new show Love Island. After that, they are told that whoever wins the POV will also win a trip for two to Fiji.

We get a look at Michie and Holly talking in the hammock and Kat comes out and jumps in the hammock with them. No, it wasn’t awkward at all. Michie tells Jack that he is done, he can’t deal with the Kat thing. Jack tells us that Michie is his friend and he has the ability to fix the situation this week, but he needs to do what’s best for the alliance. Michie tells him that dealing with Kat is exhausting.

We then see where Michie breaks it off with Kat. Kat tells us in the DR that she isn’t that into him anyway and tells him not to call after the show is over. Meanwhile, Jess, Bella, Kemi, and Nicole are all talking in the room. Kemi tells us that she will join the alliance, but the only one she trusts in the house is Bella. Bella tells us that she doesn’t think that Jess and Nicole are going to bring her to the end either and all-girl alliances don’t work out.

We then watch as Bella goes back to Jack and tells him all about the alliance Jess just put together. Jack then has a one on one with Jess and she goes to campaign to him not to put her up. He brings up the alliance and Jess tells us that she realizes that her alliance wasn’t much of an alliance.

It is time for the nomination ceremony. David and Ovi are watching from Camp Comeback. Jack nominates Kemi and Jess and tells them that he respects their game and them as people, however, he has heard from multiple sources that given the chance they would go after him and they are both in an alliance that he isn’t a part of.

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