In tonight’s episode of Big Brother 21, we will watch as Jack, Kemi, and Jessica are joined by three more HGs and compete in the Power of Veto competition! After we watch them compete, we will then find out who the final noms are for week two of Big Brother as the POV winner makes their decision to change the noms or keep them the same. If you don’t want to wait to find out, you can get the details with our Big Brother spoilers. Otherwise, you can keep refreshing this page for all the details!

We started tonight’s episode off with the fallout from the nominations ceremony. Bella also tells Nicole that she outed the Black Widows to Jack. Nicole is worried that she is the one who is going to end up screwed.

Kemi is having a one-on-one with Jack and he is telling her that he respects her game, but then tells us that she is his target and all he is trying to do is blindside her. However, she knows that she is his target and she plans on winning the POV and taking herself down.

Meanwhile, Nicole tells Jess that Bella has outed their alliance to Jack. She is rightfully upset about this. David and Ovi are talking and David is telling him that he really wants to disrupt the house and cause chaos. Moments later, the house gets shaken up by an earthquake and all the HGs are standing under the ledge near the back door.

Ovi and David get their Camp Comeback uniforms which they have to wear these until the Camp Comeback twist is over. Jackson is comforting Jessica after being put on the block and he is telling her that he doesn’t want her to go home this week. She thinks that because of this, she is confident that he will use the POV on her if he wins, he is hoping that he doesn’t get picked to play.

Speaking of which, it’s time to pick players for the POV Comp! Jack picks Bella, Jessica gets HG Choice and chooses Jackson, and Kemi picks Sam. Nicole thinks that Jessica picking Jackson was a stupid move and thinks she should have picked her to play. David is confused by this move because Jessica just picked Jack’s number one guy to play for her. He says it’s like they have zero ideas of what’s going on in the house. Kemi is cam talking and says that she is going to win the POV and watch Jessica cry some more.

The doorbell rings and Tyler comes bursting through it. He tells everyone he is there for the POV Comp and tells them all to get dress and head to the backyard! In this comp, the HGs will have to pull the plug from their aqua-clock to start their timer, they have to stack frogs, but they can only do so as long as they have water in their aqua-clock. The HG with the most frogs stacked at the end will win the POV and a five-night all-expenses-paid trip for two to Fiji.

Kemi is getting as many frogs in her section as she can before she starts stacking them. Jack is stacking them right-side-up and then upside-down to try and make the structure stable. Sam has 18 stacked and decides to let his clock drain because he doesn’t want to chance them falling. After 30 minutes, they can’t fill their aqua-clock anymore so they can only stack until their clocks drain. The only HG that comes close is Kemi but when she goes to put up her winning frog, her stack falls. Sam wins the POV and the trip for two to Fiji!

Kat is talking to Sam about the veto, she really doesn’t want him to use it because she doesn’t want to end up on the block. Jessica goes to talk to him and she starts to get emotional when she is talking to him. Nicole walks in and didn’t realize what they were talking about until Jessica started to stumble on her words. It’s Kemi’s turn and she is telling him that she is a better option to keep in the house because she wouldn’t put Sam up and she would be a bigger target next week. He tells her that if he uses it, it will be on her, but he doesn’t want to make waves.

Sam gets called to the DR and when he gets inside there is a note for him and the note makes him breakdown in tears. The note says that his grandfather had died. He goes back out into the house and tells the house what happened and they all gather around him and support him through this.

It is time for the POV Meeting, Sam has decided not to use the POV which means that Kemi and Jessica will remain on the block going into tomorrow night’s eviction.

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