Well, ladies and gentleman, we have made it to the Big Brother finale and by the end of tonight we will find out which of the F3 will be crowned the winner of Big Brother 21! We will watch the final two rounds of the final HOH, we will watch as the winner of the final HOH picks who they want to sit next to and then we will watch as those two HGs go head to head with their speech and jury questions. Get all the details here with our Big Brother live recap by refreshing this page frequently.

We start tonight’s Big Brother 21 season finale off with a look at the Jury Roundtable. Dr. Will asks them what the most important thing to consider when thinking about who should get their vote. Nick mentions comp wins, there was a lot of talk about loyalty and how Jackson hasn’t been loyal. Tommy says that it’s tough for him because there have been disrespectful and inappropriate things said by Jackson about Christie and Kat, but does he go with his morals or does he go with his love of the game when he’s voting.

They turn their talks to Nicole and how her social game has been impeccable. Cliff mentions that if it wasn’t for Nicole winning some of those final comps, he would have been gone a long time ago. They talk about how Holly has been standing behind Jackson, but then it turns to how Holly was able to maintain social relationships with a lot of the HGs throughout the season.

It is now time for R2 of the HOH! In this comp, they will be looking at memories and matching them up with the days that they happened on. They will then ring in when they think that they have all 12 correct and the HG with the fastest time wins! Nicole misses one and has to change some answers around. Holly gets a couple of them wrong to start and changes some answers around as well. Here are their times.

  • Holly – 10:38
  • Nicole – 14:38

Holly wins the second round of the final HOH and Nicole instantly knows that she is in trouble. After the comp, Nicole starts working on Holly about how if she takes Nicole to F2, she has a better shot at winning because it would show that she was playing a separate game. However, if she takes Jackson they could think that Holly has been riding his coattails the whole way.

It’s time for R3 and they will be answering questions based on how well they remember the Jury members. They will see videos and will have to choose A, B, or C on which of the phrases in the video are false. Here is how the rounds go:

  1. They both get a point.
  2. They both get a point.
  3. They both get a point.
  4. They both get a point.
  5. Jackson gets a point.
  6. They both get a point.
  7. They both get a point.
  8. They both get a point.

Jackson wins with a score of 8-7. Jackson will now have to pick whether is going to take Nicole or Holly to F2! There shouldn’t be any surprises here.

It is time to decide which HG Jackson is going to evict, but first, each HG will be able to plead their case. Surprise, surprise, he chooses to take Holly to F2. Nicole gets out on stage and sees her family and gets really emotional about it while answering a question Julie asked her. She tells Julie that she learned a lot about herself in this experience and it’s been a transformative experience for her.

The jury is now out on the stage and Julie has Nicole comes out. The jury is told that they now have an opportunity to ask three questions to Jackson and Holly. I couldn’t type fast enough to get the questions and the answers, but Jackson nailed his answers and Holly seemed to stumble on her words a lot and rambled. She spoke about her and Jackson too much and not enough about her and her individual game.

It is now time for the final arguments. After the final arguments, the jury comes up to cast their votes.

Before the votes are read, we get a reunion of all of the evicted HGs from Big Brother 21. They talked about some of the controversy inside the house throughout the season. One of those was when Nicole was locked out of the HOH while Gr8ful, Kemi’s treatment inside the house, The HGs Kemi called out had a chance to apologize for their comments.

Jackson is confronted about how he picked Kemi, Jessica, David, and Cliff for banishment and how some viewers saw it as him picking people of minorities and age. Jackson says that is definitely not the case. David then gets a chance to talk about this and says that there was a lot of implied biases among a lot of the HGs Jackson and Jack included. He says he hopes that they come out of this better people than when they went in.

Nick is given a chance to explain himself to Bella about his new relationship with Kat. Bella says that all she asked from him was for him to not make her look stupid and that’s exactly what he did. She has his chain in her hand, ready to give it back to him.

It is now time to read the votes:

  • Nicole – Holly
  • Cliff – Jackson
  • Tommy – Jackson
  • Christie – Jackson
  • Jessica – Holly
  • Nick – Jackson
  • Analyse – Jackson
  • Kat – Holly
  • Jack – Jackson

Jackson has won Big Brother 21 and as he promised, he and Holly left the house holding hands. Jackson doesn’t look as happy about this win as I expected.

America’s Favorite HG goes to Nicole! It was between Nicole, Cliff, and Tommy and she had over 1 million votes and she is floored!

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