A new HOH is in power for week 11 after an early morning HOH comp took place in the Big Brother 21 house on Friday morning. Now it’s time to find out which of the remaining HGs will end up on the block this week. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out which HGs landed on the block right here!

Jackson has gone and one his third HOH competition of the season and now that the season is down to final five, there aren’t really many options. All of the HGs have made it a point that the nominees don’t matter as much as the POV winner this week does. Whoever wins the POV will be guaranteed a spot in F4 with Jackson and with all the HGs playing in tomorrow’s POV, it’s still anybody’s game!

For now, here are the nominees for week 11 of Big Brother 21!

Nomination Ceremony Results for Week 11:

  • Tommy
  • Cliff

Keep in mind that if Tommy wins POV this week it will be either Cliff or Nicole that go to jury next. Jackson has already told Cliff that in the case that Tommy wins, he would like to see Cliff stay in the game.

Did Nicole make a mistake keeping Jackson and Holly over Christie? Was she going to be screwed either way? Who do you want to see win the POV? Let me know!

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