With Jack in the Head of Household position on Big Brother 21, there shouldn’t be any surprises as to who he is going to target. If you want to know who Jack nominated for eviction, who his target is and who he plans to use as a renom if one of his nominations should win POV, keep reading my Big Brother spoilers below.

We all know that Jack has had it out for Kemi since before the live feeds launched last week and we have heard it talked about that it was because she started playing too hard too soon. This was because she was throwing HGs name out there when Christie was contemplating her noms for week one and one of those names was Jack’s.

Now that Jack is in power, he could make a move to eliminate his threat in the game, well kind of. As we know, the HG who is evicted this week and next week won’t be going anywhere. They will live upstairs in the Camp Comeback room, but will still be able to affect the game socially. Did this play a part in Jack’s decision when making his nominations?

Week 1 Nominees are:

  • Kemi
  • Jessica

Clearly, Jack isn’t worried about making waves this week even though his target will stay in the house. Then again, I guess it would be weird if he didn’t nominate Kemi after everything that has gone on since they moved into the Big Brother house. Obviously, Kemi is Jack’s target this week, but what if she wins the POV? The plan for that right now is to renom Kat in her spot.

What do you think of Jack’s choice to target Kemi? Do you think he should have waited until after Camp Comeback? The Power of Veto comp should take place tomorrow at some point, I will give you all the POV spoilers throughout the day!

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