There is a new HOH in the Big Brother 21 house and they have big plans going into week 8 of Big Brother. The first step in those plans in naming their nominations and we now have confirmation about who they put on the block! Find out who was nominated and who the target is right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

In case you missed our HOH live results spoilers, Jackson has won the HOH for week 8 and it’s pretty obvious who his target is going into this week. The big question was who would he put up next to his target in order to ensure that they wouldn’t get the votes to stay this week? While there aren’t many options at this point in the game, there are clearly people that shouldn’t be put up there.

Jackson’s original plan was to put Cliff on the block as a pawn, but after thinking about it long and hard last night, he decided that Cliff wasn’t the best option. He talked to Cliff and Nicole separately, told them both that he would like to work with them going forward and wants to know that he has his support going into this week. They both agreed that they would target whoever Jackson was targeting and that at least gave Jackson the tieing votes for Thursday’s eviction.

So who did Jackson put on the block?

The Nominations for Week 8 are:

  • Christie
  • Analyse

Jackson has made it known to Holly that if Tommy or Nick win the POV and decide to use the POV, he will renom the other in their place. His target this week is clearly Christie and he has made it known that this isn’t personal. This is strictly because her social game and competition performance is a threat to his game. Not to mention, she has blatantly said that she would target him and Holly if given the chance.

What do you think of his choice in nominations?

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