It has been an interesting week in the Big Brother 21 house with Cliff as the HOH and Jack and Jackson being put on the block. The POV Comp was played on Saturday and now it is time to find out what the POV Winner decided to do with the Power of Veto. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to get all the details right here!

Well, things were looking good going into this week after Cliff won the Camp Comeback Battle Back, went on to win the HOH, and then nominated Jack and Jackson for eviction. He was set on making a big move and making some waves and didn’t care what he had to do to get there.

Jackson went on to win the POV on Saturday so naturally, the noms would have to change. Did Christie give Jackson the power to name his renom himself? Or did Cliff get to name the renom this week?

POV Ceremony Results for Week 4:

  • Jackson used the Veto on himself
  • Christie did not use her power
  • Cliff named Bella as the renom
  • Jack and Bella are final noms for Week 4

So, you are all probably wondering how this happened? This morning on the Big Brother live feeds, Christie and most of the Six Shooters agreed that they wouldn’t target Cliff in the near future if he renom’d Bella for them and Christie was able to keep her power. They shook on it and everything and even though Cliff doesn’t seem to trust any of them, he still stuck to his word. He said time and time again this week that his word is his bond and he isn’t going to break that this early in the game.

We still have a few days until Eviction Day. There is still a chance that Bella could get enough votes to stay, but it isn’t looking good after all the burned bridges. We will have to wait to see what happens throughout the week.

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