With Holly in the HOH and Nick and Sam on the block this week on Big Brother 21, we all know that her main target this week was Nick. However, there was still a POV comp to be played. If you missed any of the Big Brother spoilers so far this week, make sure you check those out. Meanwhile, here is what happened during the POV Ceremony for week 5 on Big Brother.

Over the last couple of days, there have been talks inside the Big Brother house of two things happening this week during the POV Ceremony. Nick uses the POV on himself, Holly renoms Kat as a pawn and Sam goes home was the first option. This seemed to be the most popular one among all the Six Shooters, however, Holly and Jackson talked about the fact that Sam staying might not be bad for their game. They can team up with Nick and Sam and finally start taking shots at their own alliance members.

Option number two, Nick uses the POV on himself and Holly renoms Nicole and turns Nicole into her target which would keep Sam in the house one more week. This seemed to be a great idea but once she started getting grief from some of the members of her alliance, she started double thinking this plan. So which plan did Holly go with?

The POV Ceremony Results for Week 5 are:

  • Nick used the POV on himself
  • Holly renom’d Kat
  • Sam and Kat are final noms for Week 5

It looks like Holly wasn’t prepared to draw lines in the sand just yet, however, they still have Nick in the house who could possibly take out one of their alliance members in the coming weeks. We will have to wait to find out.

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