It is week 6 on Big Brother and with Jess as the new HOH in power and two of the biggest players in the game sitting on the block together, things had potential to get pretty interesting this week. Now that we know who won the POV this week, we had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen going forward. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out if the plan stayed in place.

After Jessica won the Power of Veto this week, it was pretty clear that the noms would probably stay the same and Jack would remain her main target. There was some paranoia and thought that she might pull Jackson off the block and replace him with a pawn to ensure that Jack would walk out the door this week. So which plan did Jessica go with?

The POV Ceremony Results for Week 6 are:

  • Jessica did not use the POV
  • Jack and Jackson are final noms for week 6

Well, there you go. Jessica decided to stick to her original plan and left Jack and Jackson on the block together. Her main target this week is Jack and she is really hoping she has the votes to get him out, but Jack has a trick up his sleeve. Based on a conversation between Jack and Analyse, Jack plans to offer Cliff a deal of safety in exchange for his support this week.

Do you think Cliff will take Jack up on his offer and vote Jackson out? Or will he stick with his alliance and vote to evict Jack? We will have to wait and see what happens, but the events of the next few days should give us a pretty good idea.

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