This week on Big Brother 21, we watched as Nick took over power in the Big Brother house. He has named his nominees, but in light of some events that have happened inside the house, neither of his noms are his target. With a BD plan in his sights, someone on his side is going to have to win the POV. Find out if the odds are in his favor right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

Nick is in the HOH, he has nominated Jessica and Cliff this week for eviction, however, with Bella stirring up more drama with her loose lips, Nicole has become public enemy number one. If you missed what happened inside the Big Brother house on Friday, you can get all the details here with our live feeds recap!

In order for Nick to be able to pull off a BD on Nicole, he is going to need someone who wants Nicole out to win the POV. Christie and Analyse have both agreed that Cliff is their better target due to the information he has on all the HGs and his plan to target the showmances first chance he gets. So, who will be playing in this week’s POV?

The POV Players for Week 3 are:

  • Nick (HOH)
  • Jessica and Cliff (Noms)
  • Christie (Jessica’s HG choice), Kat, and Jackson

After the POV Players were picked, Nick walked into the Archery Room where Christie and Jessica are talking. He asks Christie if she is going to use it if she wins? She asks if she wants him to and Nick tells her yes and that he is sending her (Nicole) home this week.

So it looks like the plan is to BD Nicole this week because of her telling Bella the truth about her alliance. I’m hoping that Christie could pull off a vote flip because she knows that it isn’t good for her game if Nicole goes home before Cliff.

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