It is Power of Veto day in the Big Brother 21 house and it is time to find out who will be joining the HOH and noms in this week’s competition! If you have missed out on who won HOH and who they nominated, check out our Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up! Keep reading to find out who will be playing in this week’s competition!

This week we have a shift in power with Jessica in the Big Brother 21 HOH room and she has decided that she isn’t going to be playing it safe, especially if this could be her only HOH. However, we have heard this before, so some of us are trying not to get our hopes too high.

Yesterday was Nomination Day in the Big Brother house and Jessica put Jack and Jackson on the block together. Christie has promised Jessica that she will not use her power this week. However, she had told her allies that if she won the POV, she would use it because she doesn’t trust anyone else to pick the renom. Will she have the chance to make that decision herself?

The POV Players for Week 6 are:

  • Jessica (HOH)
  • Jack and Jackson (Noms)
  • Kat, Nick, and Tommy

There has been a photo on social media that shows today’s POV Comp is a luck comp. Which doesn’t really play into Jack or Jackson’s favor, in fact, it is pretty much anyone’s game. Who do you hope wins the POV? I will have spoilers for you a little later today!

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