With Holly in the HOH on Big Brother 21, a Prankster on the loose and two nominees on the block, it is now time for the Power of Veto players to be named! Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out which three HGs will be joining Holly and the nominees in this week’s Power of Veto comp coming up later today!

Holly was planning to put Nick and Christie on the block this week, using Christie as a pawn to ensure that Nick would go home. Holly and the rest of the HGs were then informed that there is a twist in place that could screw up her plan. We found out that Nick was named America’s Prankster after America voted for him to have the power to name a nominee during this week’s Nomination Ceremony. Luckily for Holly, his target was the same person she was going to put up anyway!

So who will join Holly, Nick, and Christie in this week’s POV Comp?

The POV Players for Week 9 are:

  • Holly (HOH)
  • Nick and Christie (Noms)
  • Cliff, Jackson, and Jessica

With the players selected in this week’s POV draw, it looks like both nominees are on their own this week if they want to stay in the house. Cliff, Jackson, and Jessica are all very close with Holly and will most likely honor Holly’s wishes and keep the nominations the same going into the POV Ceremony on Monday.

Who do you want to see win the Power of Veto? Do you want to see one of the nominees come off the block? Let me know in the comments below or on social media! We could expect the feeds to be down for a significant amount of time today with Zingbot visiting the Big Brother house, but I will have results for you as soon as they are available!

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