It is week 11 of Big Brother 21 and we are down to the final five which means it’s time for BB Comics! With that being said, the feeds had been down most of the day for this competition, but now that they have returned, we know who won! Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out which of the remaining HG won this week’s Power of Veto and will join the HOH in F4!

Well ladies and gents, we are down to the F4 of Big Brother 21 and only have two and a half weeks left of the season. Jackson is the HOH for week 11 and he has put Cliff and Tommy on the block with Tommy as his primary target. However, the only way his plan works is if Tommy doesn’t win the POV this week. There has also been some talks from another HG who has big plans if she should win the POV!

Nicole told us last night that if she won the POV, she would use it on Cliff which would force Jackson to have to renom Holly. Cliff and Nicole would then control if Holly or Tommy ended up going to Jury this week. While Nicole hasn’t been the type to want to ruffle any feathers, her getting Christie out this week seems to have lit a fire in her that can’t be snuffed out.

So who won the POV for week 11? Here are the results!

The POV Winner for Week 11 is:

  • Nicole

Nicole won the Power of Veto for week 11 of Big Brother! She now holds the opportunity to get Holly on the block and split up the showmance. Will she do it? She plans to at least take Cliff off the block, we will have to see if she and Cliff decide to vote Holly or Tommy out as the week continues.

After the comp, Nicole went into the RV room and is celebrating her win and her spot in the F4. Cliff comes up to her and tells her that she is the reason they are going to F4. Nicole tells Cliff that he will not be on the block on eviction night! Cliff also mentioned that Nicole didn’t win this comp by seconds, she won this comp by at least four minutes.

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