It is week 12 of Big Brother 21 and we have the F4 remaining inside the Big Brother house. The Power of Veto holds a lot of power this week because whichever HG wins the Power of Veto will be the sole voter (or if the HOH wins, they will control who votes) in this week’s eviction. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out which HG will hold all the power this week right here!

With Nicole in the HOH this week and Jackson and Holly on the block, there are a couple of scenarios that can play out. With all the talks inside the house, it looked like if Nicole or Cliff won the POV, Cliff would be the sole voter and while Nicole wants to take Holly into F3, Cliff has the intention of voting Holly out. This will not go over well with Nicole, that’s for sure.

If Jackson or Holly win the POV, they will come down and Cliff will go up in their place. While Cliff has deals in place with Jackson and Holly for them to take him to F3 if they win, they plan to take each other alongside Nicole if they win. Which of these scenarios is likely to happen? In order to know that, you first need to know who won the Power of Veto for week 12.

The Power of Veto Winner for Week 12 is:

  • Jackson

Well, ladies and gents, it looks like Cliff will be evicted come Thursday night unless something big happens. What do you think about Jackson winning the POV? Do you think taking Holly instead of Cliff is best for his game?

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