With another live vote and eviction show over, it is time for another HOH comp on Big Brother 21! Find out which of the remaining HGs will win the power for week 10 of Big Brother right here with our Big Brother spoilers! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s Head of Household comp as it plays out on the Big Brother live feeds!

This week’s HOH comp was a wall comp. Unfortunately, my site was down and I couldn’t live recap it but I can tell you the order everyone fell in and approximately what time they fell. So here we go:

  1. Jessica was down at 7:15 PM BBT
  2. Christie was down at 7:35 PM BBT
  3. Cliff was down at 7:36 PM BBT
  4. Nicole was down at 7:42 PM BBT
  5. Tommy was down at 7:50 PM BBT

Jackson is our HOH for Week 10 of Big Brother! Based on talks right after the HOH comp, Jackson felt like he had to win the HOH because he couldn’t chance Nicole or Cliff going up this week. He promises Cliff and Nicole that their F4 still stands and he is thinking about putting Christie and Jessica up this week. He says that getting rid of Tommy this week might not be best for their game.

Stay tuned for our Live Feeds Recap coming up tomorrow morning and we will have confirmation for this week’s nominations tomorrow.

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