After watching tonight’s live vote and eviction on Big Brother 21, we then waited to find out the results of the HOH comp that is kicking off week 6 of Big Brother. If you missed tonight’s live vote and eviction, you can find out what happened with our live recap right here. Otherwise, you can keep reading out Big Brother spoilers to find out who won this week’s HOH comp!

Before the HOH, the HGs are told that they have all at least made it to jury. In this comp, the HGs will have to study ads for different camps and then asked a series of true or false questions. If they answer correctly, they move on and if they answer wrong they will be eliminated. However, we don’t see who actually wins the HOH during the live show. We had to wait until the live feeds came back after the comp was completed. When the feeds came back, this is what we found out:

The HOH for Week 6 is:

  • Jessica

This is going to be an interesting week, that’s for sure! Who do you think Jessica will put on the block this week? Will she take a shot at a big target this week? Will Christie have a chance to use her power? So many questions going into this week!

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