Then there were three on Big Brother! Nicole, Jackson and Holly have made it to final 3 on Big Brother 21. Now it is time to find out which of the Final 3 HGs on Big Brother 21 won Round 1 of the final HOH and which two will battle it out in Round 2! Get all the details and find out if Nicole, Jackson, or Holly won Round 1 here with our Big Brother spoilers!

The feeds came back at 9:41 PM BBT and the feeds showed Jackson in the shower and Holly wandering around the house. It sounds like the comp was Indiana Jones themed and seemed to be very physical. There was mention of there being a pretty hard puzzle in it as well. When we got a look at Nicole, she was limping around, sounds like she hurt her knee in the comp. Nicole said, “well that was embarassing” implying that she lost and Holly mentioned being worried that round 2 was a mental comp. Jackson said something along the line of “I really thought Nicole was going to win that” and Holly agreed she was worried too.

After piecing together all the clues, it sounds like our Round 1 winner is:

  • Jackson

This means that Holly and Nicole will face off in Round 2 of the Big Brother 21 final HOH, which might actually be Nicole’s best-case scenario. What are the chances that Round 2 will be a mental comp? We will find out in the next couple of days and I will have spoilers for you as soon as they are available!

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