Earlier today the Big Brother 22 HGs had the details of the Big Brother All-Stars twist revealed to them and now we know who will benefit from this twist! If you want to know which of the BB22 HGs is safe this week, keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to get all the details!

Okay, so first things first. How does the Safety Suite work? Each HG was given a VIP Pass and each week they will be given the opportunity to compete in a special competition. They can only play in one of these comps and when they choose to compete, they lose their VIP Pass. They have three weeks to use their VIP Pass to try their hand at safety, but if they lose, they get a punishment.

There is a twist within this twist! When a HG decides to compete in this comp, they must choose a plus one. If the HG that chooses to play wins then them and their plus one will get safety for the week. If they lose, they both get the punishment. This is a great opportunity for the HGs to create fake duos or just pick one person they think will also pick them if they choose to play another week.

Now, down to business. We now know which HG competed and who their plus one was!

The Safety Suite Comp Results are:

  • Kaysar and Janelle played
  • Kaysar won
  • Kaysar gave his plus one to Janelle

Because they both played, both of their VIP Passes have been flushed out. What do you think about these results?

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