It was Nomination Day in the Big Brother 22 house and most of the HGs had no idea what Cody’s plan was. Also, some new duos and alliances were solidified, at least for now. If you want to know what happened inside the BB22 house, keep reading our Big Brother Spoilers!

A lot of conversations happened inside the Big Brother 22 house yesterday, so I’m going to try and summarize this the best that I can!

The first conversation happened between Bayleigh and Da’Vonne (I’m going to start referring to them as Bay and Day). Bay and Day agree that they want to work with each other, but that they have to do it secretly. Bay will play her side, Day will play her side, and when they can do it safely, they will compare notes.

Day has a conversation with Dani about how she is convinced that Cody wasn’t coming after Janelle or Kaysar (he definitely was). Day also mentions that she doesn’t think that Cody and Memphis are close. Day also talks about how she had a conversation with Nicole A about her season and how she was treated and adds that Ian had a similar experience on his season. Dani was surprised to hear that and Day mentions that Ian doesn’t like to talk about it, so he pretends it was a great experience for him.

Cody and Enzo talked for a long time yesterday. Cody tells Enzo his plans for noms (Kevin and Keesha) and Enzo tells him he would rather see Keesha go than Kevin. Cody tells Enzo about the conversation he had with Dani about an alliance with Cody, Dani, Enzo, Nicole F, and Tyler. They run through the rest of the HGs to see who else they can add to their group. Enzo mentions Ian being a wildcard, but Cody thinks that if they reel him in first, he will be loyal to them.

Enzo tells Cody that he is going to start talking to Bay and Day more and Cody thinks it would be smart to have Day in their group because she notices everything happening in the house. They agree that they (C & E) have to be careful not to get caught talking to each other because they don’t want to put a target on their backs. Cody tells Enzo that he is playing in the Safety Suite comp next week because he can’t play in the HOH.

Day talks to Janelle, she tells Janelle that she really thinks that her (J) and Kaysar might have wasted their VIP Passes. She doesn’t think that Cody was going after them. Janelle tells Day that she thinks that he was because he was giving her and Kaysar different stories than anyone else. She tells Day that Cody told her that he wanted to work with her, but acted super weird about it and she didn’t trust that.

Christmas and Day had a conversation in the SR yesterday too. They talk about working together and how they are both good with Bay and Nicole F. Day tells Christmas that she should try and bring Keesha into their little group because Keesha is lost right now and needs people.

Nicole F and Janelle are talking about how they are close friends outside the house. Janelle was invited to her wedding. Nicole F makes it a point to mention that no one in the house can find that out.

Now, an interesting Duo that was put together yesterday was Bay and Kaysar (Bay and Kay? No.). They talked for a while and it started with a really deep conversation about their lives and such. It turned into them comparing notes about people in the house. Bay tells Kaysar that she thinks there are people in the house playing dumb and acting like they don’t know what’s going on.

She also points out that Dani, Christmas, Keesha, and Nicole F are getting closer. She says that Janelle is a loner, Day is a bit of a floater, and she thinks Tyler is floating too. Kaysar tells her that Tyler is definitely NOT floating. Kaysar tells Bay that he wants to work with her. He toots her horn a bit about how great of a person she is, how great her gameplay is, etc. Bay tells him that she wants to work with him too.

Kaysar and Bay talk about who they like in the house. Bay mentions Janelle, Nicole A, and Day. Kaysar tells her that he adores Nicole A also and asks how close she is to Day. He asks if Day would float and Bay tells him that isn’t Day’s game and that she (D) just has a hard time trusting people. Kaysar swears Bay to secrecy and tells her to stay tight with Tyler, Cody, and David because they are working together.

Day has a conversation with Keesha and Keesha is worried. Day tells her that Cody is a straight shooter and if he told her she was safe, then she is. Keesha tells her that he didn’t tell her she was safe, he told her that he didn’t know what he was going to do…(that wasn’t awkward at all)

The HGs spent a lot of time chatting and lounging until noms happened. When the feeds came back up from noms, Kevin and Keesha’s photos were on the Memory Wall. No real surprise there.

Nicole A asks Cody what he wants to happen this week and he tells her that he doesn’t have a preference because there wasn’t a reason to put either of them up.

Kevin has a talk with Cody and Cody tells him that he is sorry and there wasn’t a reason behind either of his nominations. Cody tells Kevin that he would like to work with him on the down-low.

A little later, Keesha goes up to talk to Cody. Cody apologizes to her and tells her that he had no idea what to do. Cody reminds her that there is still a lot of time and a Veto to be played. Cody says that he might also regret his nominations and pinpoint an actual target and Keesha says “so I’m not your target?” and he tells her no, not at all and no one else suggested her as a nom either.

Dani is trying to smooth things over with Nicole A by apologizing for not being on her PodCast. Dani tells her that with casting for BB22 going on she was worried she might slip and tell everyone she was going to be on it. Nicole A tells her no worries and suggests that maybe after the show she can be on.

Dani and Janelle talk about the Safety Suite comp and Nicole F maybe working with Cody. Janelle mentions that Nicole F was acting weird and wondering if she should go talk to Cody before noms. Compares it to Janelle feeling weird if Kaysar was HOH and tells Dani that it just doesn’t make sense.

Day talks to Cody and pitches an alliance with him, Enzo, and Bay. Cody suggests that they need something bigger than just the four of them.

Later on, Dani goes up to talk to Cody and tells him that people are starting to put him and Nicole F together. She suggests that he work with Bay and Day because she sees them working with Janelle too. Dani also suggests that him being seen as a duo with Nicole could be bad for his game because she isn’t well-liked in the house. Cody thinks that if Day or Janelle with HOH, Franzel could be going up and Dani tells him to stay away from Franzel.

Kaysar tells Keesha that he thinks Cody is trying to BD Memphis. Kaysar says it’s not smart for any of them to throw the POV (it’s too early for this to be talked about). Kaysar then tells Janelle that they have to try and get Memphis alone so they can warn him about Cody’s plan to BD him. Kaysar also tells Janelle about Bay telling him about the alliance with Dani, Christmas, Keesha, and Nicole F. Janelle questions why Bay would tell him that. Janelle warns Kaysar about playing too hard to save Keesha. She says she isn’t going to play hard in the POV if she gets picked and that he shouldn’t either and lay low for a bit.

Kevin, Nicole A, and Day talk about who might pose a bigger threat and keep them safe. Kevin thinks that Tyler and Janelle are going to be puppet masters this season.

Lots of alliances and duos brewing inside the Big Brother 22 house! Be on the lookout for POV spoilers throughout the day today!

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