Saturday was Power of Veto day in the Big Brother All-Stars house. There was a lot of downtime throughout the day as POV Players weren’t picked until 3 PM BBT (Big Brother Time). Once the players were picked, the HGs anxiously awaited for the comp to start. Get all the details of the talks that happened before and after the POV Competition in the Big Brother 22 house here with our Big Brother spoilers!

Early yesterday morning, Kevin got up and was camtalking in the bathroom. He is spiraling. He is worried that he isn’t worthy to be in the house, he is worried that he is the target this week, and he is worried that Janelle is turning on him. None of which is true, but he is super paranoid at this stage.

Memphis and Kaysar had a talk about the POV comp. Memphis told Kaysar that if he plays in the POV, he could throw the comp to Keesha so she can save herself. Kaysar said that if Memphis did that, it could make him a renom and Cody’s target for the week.

Memphis talks to Cody later and tells Cody that Kaysar is super paranoid that there is some huge conspiracy to pick off Kaysar, Janelle, and Keesha. In the same conversation, they talked about whether they think anyone detects an all guys alliance forming. I’m going to go with yes on this one…

Dani and Tyler talked about how they don’t want to win the POV if they end up picked to play.

Cody talked to Kaysar about how he isn’t going to try and influence the vote this week because he likes both Kevin and Keesha. Cody mentions that he didn’t really have anything to go on when picking his noms because it’s only week 1.

Cody went to a lot of people in the house to find out if they would want to play in the POV if he should get HGs Choice. He asked David first and warned him that it could put a target on him if he should win the POV and David told him he didn’t want to play.

The feeds went down for players to be picked for the POV and we find out that Ian, Enzo, and Tyler were picked to play. Enzo was picked by Kevin to play when Kevin pulled the HGs Choice chip. 

Not much happened in the house between the players being picked and the POV happening. Just a lot of chatter and the HGs waiting around. Ian talked to David, told him that he was really happy that he was able to come back. He suggested they could work together and David asks him what his playstyle was in his season. David tells Ian that his position now is way different because last year he was in Camp Comeback and no one would talk game with him.

The feeds went down for two and a half hours for the POV Comp, when the feeds came back up, we see Enzo holding the POV. The HGs all talked about the comp. It was one of those comps where they had to stack food items and watch the clock while doing it. They had to run back and rock on a giant banana to add time to their clock. Based on what they said, it sounds like Enzo’s tower fell one time and took Keesha’s tower down with it.

Janelle is still really worried about Kaysar’s game. She tells him that they should vote with the house this week and not rock the boat. Kaysar tells Janelle that he already told Cody that he would vote whichever way Cody wants. They both agree that they need to win HOH next week or things are going to get really bad for them, really fast. They also talk about the possibility of trying to work with Cody next week. If one of them should win HOH, they can keep Cody safe to try and make things better for them.

Bay joined their conversation and she asked them if they would be open to working with anyone or just other old school players. Janelle tells her that she just wants whoever they work with to be willing to compete and make big moves.

Kevin went and talked to Cody again before bed and Cody tells Kevin that he doesn’t want the POV used, but he is going to do what he can to protect him when it comes to the vote. Kevin goes to talk to Nicole A after his chat with Cody and tells her that he feels like it was a positive talk.

Kevin also talked to Nicole A about pinning Janelle as a threat (this is because he is worried she is turning against him when she isn’t). Nicole tells him that she doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Kevin also told Nicole A that he wants to talk to Enzo and let him know he doesn’t need to use the POV even though he chose him to play. He wants to make sure that Enzo is going to vote to keep him though.

Kevin talks to Ian quick and Ian tells Kevin he isn’t making any decisions until after the POV Meeting. Kevin tells Ian that he is expecting the noms to stay the same.

Kevin is stressed out about being on the block, as he should be. However, he was never the intended target, Keesha is. Hopefully, his paranoia doesn’t cause him to make a target of himself before tomorrow’s POV Ceremony. Only time will tell.

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