There was a lot of downtime in the Big Brother 22 house yesterday with all the HGs lounging. The noms for the week spent a lot of time trying to build relationships with the other HGs. The highlight of the day for the HGs was finally getting the backyard and being able to enjoy the outdoors. Get all your Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds right here!

Lots of talks about alliances the last couple of days in the Big Brother house, that caused Memphis to warn Cody about Kaysar being in the middle of the planning. Memphis and Cody talk about bringing Tyler and Dani into their alliance as soon as they can. Memphis also mentions that if they bring in Tyler, Tyler could bring in Christmas.

Keesha knows that she is in trouble this week and goes to Kaysar to talk. Kaysar mentions that he is worried because it doesn’t seem like anyone is talking game with him. Kaysar works with Keesha to try and come up with reasons that she can bring to Cody on why she isn’t a threat in this game and convince him that she won’t target him if she stays.

Tyler and Christmas talk about the noms. Tyler tells her that he is closer to Kevin and talks to him more. Christmas thinks that Kevin is a more well-rounded player when it comes to comps, but Keesha is a better social player.

Kevin and Day talked a lot throughout the day yesterday. One of the first conversations they had was about how Kevin knows Cody wants noms to stay the same, but he still plans to talk to Enzo about the POV.

Nicole F talked to Tyler about a rumor that was spread in preseason about her. The rumor was that she cried to production to be on the show. She added that Janelle started the rumor and then Evil Dick helped spread it. She says that Janelle started it to try and discredit her inside the house.

Memphis talks to Dani about forming an alliance with Cody, Tyler, and either Christmas or Nicole F. Memphis says he wants to talk to Tyler to see where he is at with Christmas and then David walks in and the conversation shifts.

Later, Christmas talked to Bay and says that she is sure the drama will hit the house soon. Bay mentions her time on The Challenge and how hard it was to live in that house with all those attitudes. After that conversation ends, Christmas whispered to herself how great a F3 with her, Bay, and Tyler would be.

Dani has a conversation with Cody. Cody tells her that he wants to talk to Janelle more and get to know her. He says that he doesn’t want to be on her bad side. He thinks that he might be able to make her an ally, but he doesn’t trust Kaysar. Dani tells Cody that she doesn’t think anyone knows she is talking to him and she would like to keep it that way as long as possible.

Dani told Kevin yesterday that he already had her vote and he doesn’t have to campaign to her. Dani tells Kevin that he should use the fact that Keesha won three HOHs in her season and made it to F4.

Later on, Enzo and Keesha have a chat. Enzo tells Keesha that Cody wants him to keep the noms the same. He also adds that he isn’t sure which way he is going to vote. Keesha tells him that if he was ever in this position, she would vote to keep him. Enzo tells Keesha that he won’t let her be blindsided. He is waiting to see what happens because as of right now, there is nothing to base this vote on.

Kevin talked to Bay and he tells her that he is afraid to talk to Tyler. Bay tells him to talk to him and reiterates that he needs to make sure he talks to everyone. He can’t be afraid to ask for their votes.

Even though he was nervous to talk to Janelle, he sat down with her. He tells her that he would really like to work with her. She tells him that this sucks because she really likes both Keesha and Kevin and can see herself working with either of them. She beats herself up for not winning HOH and keeping both of them safe.

Keesha talked to Janelle and Kaysar last night too. She tells them that she would target Cody if she won HOH. Janelle tells Keesha that if she won, Cody wouldn’t be her top priority, but she doesn’t offer up who she would go after. She does mention that she sees Nicole F and Cody pairing up and she thinks Nicole F is a bigger threat.

There was a lot of relaxing in the yard and Kevin was up camtalking really late last night. As of right now, the plan is for Enzo to not use the POV and keep noms the same. Looks like the vote could go either way, but there is still a lot of time between now and Thursday! Keep an eye out for the POV Ceremony spoilers a little later today.

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